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12 Kickstarter campaigns that make technology less annoying

There are plenty of Kickstarter projects out there with lots of sizzle, but sometimes it’s the simple stuff that really makes your day. You can contribute to one or more of these not-so-sexy Kickstarters just to make your tech life a bit less irritating.

1. Lifelogger

It’s fun to film the kids during all their firsts, but if you’re the videographer, you’re kept out of the action. The Lifelogger is a wearable point-of-view camera that lets you capture those precious moments and be involved in them, too.

2. TabletTail

Your tablet is super-convenient… until you need to use it in the kitchen, in bed, on the plane or in any other inconvenient position (without holding it in your hands through the entirety of Lord of the Rings). The TabletTail universal tablet positioning system gives you full, customizable control — no matter what you need to do.

3. Legion Meter

We’ve all been there. You’ve got three choices: Risk your smartphone going dead just after lunch, let yourself be just a tad late while you wait for that precious last 2 percent or lug your wall charger and cord up to the office (you know, the items you accidentally left last time this happened and then couldn’t call to check in with the babysitter?). Next time, just accelerate your charge time up to 92 percent using this clever little USB charger.


Remember that time you forgot that really important presentation on your computer at home? Stress no more. The MBLOK lets you pair all your devices via Bluetooth on a device so small, it fits snuggly in your pocket.

5. TYLT Energi 2K

This unique USB port wall charger can function just as well as your regular charger, but when you have to get up and go, it can, too. It features a battery that charges while it’s plugged in, so you can take it with you and charge a smartphone to 100 percent, and even an iPad Air to 20 percent, in a pinch.

6. SAM

Did you turn the coffeemaker off? Getting home after dark and wish the lights were on? Check out SAM, the easy home-automation device that gives you total control over your electronics, including monitoring how you use them.

7. Solaraide

Take almost any device on the go during your summer vacation with this handy solar charger. It charges your battery in two hours using the power of sunlight.

8. Keystone Grommet

Tired of looking at those ugly cables or crawling under your desk to unplug your laptop or smartphone? The Keystone Grommet can be installed on desks and office furniture right into the standard 2-inch hole they come with, so you can plug your devices directly into the desk.

9. iPad Battery Charging Case

Ugh! You left your iPad in your tote overnight, and now it’s dead. That won’t be a problem with this charging case, that also charges your phone when you need it.

10. Teek

Do you love those hilarious text-message autocorrects as much as we do? Somehow, they’re better than drunk tweets. But you don’t want to be the victim of one. Teek predicts your next sentence, and the more you use it, the better it gets.

11. iFind

How often do you lose your phone? Worried about someone making off with your laptop while you’re working in the hotel’s common area? The iFind lets you use these smart little tags to locate your stuff from your phone or tablet on iOS or Android devices. And it doesn’t just work on your electronics. You can slip a tag into your purse or put it on your keys to lead you to the things you tend to misplace. You can even put it in anti-theft mode, so it will notify you if your stuff goes out of range.

12. Mysiga headphones

Like to listen to music while you sleep or relax, but your significant other would rather watch Game of Thrones? Try these cozy pillow-like headphones, and lie in any position in perfect comfort without bothering those around you. Great for the airport, too.

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