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It’s June! 10 cool things that happen in June

Put on your best string of pearls, Cancers and Geminis, June is here and there’s partying to do. Okay, maybe not partying, but there’s plenty to celebrate this month.

Ever consider how many songs reference the month of June? That’s not just because it’s an easily rhymed word. (Maybe a little bit of that, too.) June is just one seriously glorious month. From a war-winning day of strategy to a jazz legend’s birthday, June offers up something to smile about all month long.

June 2: Martha Washington’s birthday

Our very first First Lady would be 283, but she wouldn’t look a day over 200, we swear.

June 6: D-Day

Allied forces landed in Normandy on this day in 1944. The event marked the largest seaborne invasion in history and was paramount in winning World War II. Gooooo Allies!

June 9: Cole Porter’s birthday

The legendary songwriter and composer wrote some of the best songs on Broadway. Watch De-Lovely to catch up on his life.

June 14: National Flag Day

You got this, right?

June 16: Bloomsday

Read some Ulysses, if you must. This entire day is devoted to the James Joyce tome, and many towns in Ireland even have festivities to celebrate. We’re certain most of those party animals probably haven’t read the book, though.

June 21: Go Skateboarding Day

Tony Hawk 900 Photo credit: YouTube

June 23: June Carter Cash’s birthday

We all know Johnny Cash’s “Walk the Line” wouldn’t exist without June Carter as inspiration. But let’s remember this lady for her own talent, shall we?

June 30: Lena Horne’s birthday

Pretty proud of yourself for making manager at 25? Lena Horne made the chorus at the famous Cotton Club when she was only 16. Translation: She could put American Idol winners to shame. Try a little “Stormy Weather.”

Other notable June things:

June is Black Music Month

Jazz? Blues? Hip-hop? We’d be nothing with out them. Spend some time with Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Trombone Shorty or Jay Z.

June is also LGBT Pride Month

Pride parades will be happening all over the world this month. Show your love for the LGBT community by throwing on some bright colors and joining the party. You don’t have to be gay to support their freedom.

Caribbean American Heritage Month

If the closest you’ve come to the Caribbean was through a Disney pirate ship, start with a short documentary on Caribbean music.

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