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Mom: While you were at work, here’s what you taught me

A lot of women feel culpable about working and being away from their kids. Chock-full of mom guilt, it is easy to forget what a role model we are, teaching our children while we are away from the home. Here are plenty of reasons why you make your child proud every time you walk out the door to go to work.

You’ve taught me the importance of individuality

You go out and you have your own life. I know now that it’s important not only to love your partner, me, my brothers and sisters, but it’s also important to love yourself. You have your own life outside of the home and that is absolutely awesome.

You’ve taught me the importance of having an education

After high school, you went out and worked hard to receive your degree. I see that it’s valuable to receive your college education regardless of which obstacles stand in your way. And even though you may not use what you received your degree in, it’s yours and nobody can take that away from you… just like me.

You’ve taught me the importance of sacrifice

I know that you would love to stay home with me every day, walk me to school and take me on play dates, but instead you sacrifice your wants for my needs. I love being a part of the baseball team, taking art class and knowing that if I need something, you are able to provide it thanks to your hard work.

You’ve taught me the importance of hard work

You work hard every single day and because of that, we have a nice home, clothes on our backs and food on our table. You work hard to provide your family with what we need and not only do I appreciate that, I cherish it.

You’ve taught me what it means to be reliable

You wake up at the same time every day to get me ready for school and yourself ready for work. You are punctual and you are reliable. I know that even though you’ve been hard at work all day, you’ll have a front-row bleacher seat to every basketball, baseball game and award ceremony that I have. And if you miss one due to another obligation, I understand that it’s not because you didn’t want to.

You’ve taught me the importance of a supporting relationship

Because you work outside of the home, I see how important it is to have a partner and family that supports your decisions and dreams. I understand what it is like to have each other’s back thanks to you and dad, and I yearn for the same relationship in my own future.

You’ve taught me what it’s like to follow your dreams

Not only have you told me the stories of what you dreamed about as a little girl, but I see you working hard to follow your own dreams. You work everyday for your wants and your needs and you never stop. You inspire me every single day.

You’ve taught me to believe in myself

I’ve seen you practice for public speaking engagements, I’ve seen you dress up in a suit for interviews and I’ve seen you give yourself pep talks. I see you aspire to believe in yourself and because you have faith in me as well, I have learned to believe in myself.

You’ve taught me how to cherish the time we have together

Because you spend more time at work than you do at home, I know what it is like to make the most of the little moments. Our trips for ice cream and doughnuts, our cuddles on the couch, the time that you devote to help me do my homework and whenever you put down your book to read to me, I see what it’s like to cherish our time together. And even though it’s not as much as you and I would both like, it is more than enough.

You’ve taught me what it means to be a woman

I look up to you. I tell my friends how beautiful you are in your heels and skirts, when your makeup is done nicely and your hair is fluffed perfectly. I love listening to your soothing voice, feeling your soft touch and seeing your confidence everyday. Because of you, I know what it means to be a woman and I hope to be or marry someone just like you.

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