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7 Obvious reasons to spend more time with your work family

You’re with your co-workers 40+ hours a week, and for some reason, that still doesn’t seem like enough. Here are seven reasons why you need to hang out with your work family outside of the office, too.

1. You all love a good potluck

You all love a good potluck

Sure, you have your workplace in common, but you also have food as a common denominator. Hang a list in someone’s cube to assign out designated dishes, and this time include the alcohol because this potluck isn’t meant to celebrate casual Friday, it’s meant to celebrate after-work hours.

2. Constant drinking buddies

Constant drinking buddies

After a long hard day at work, all you want to do is relax with a cold one. Don’t do it by yourself. Hit up a cube mate for happy hour, and you’re sure to have a drinking buddy that can last the whole happy hour.

3. You understand each other’s crazy side

You understand each other's crazy side

You know what it’s like to work at your friend’s place of work because you work there, too. You understand that she is absolutely brain dead after a 40-hour workweek and don’t mind being her much-needed source of release.

4. Everyone knows how to get down

Everyone knows how to get down

You’ve been to enough happy hours and weddings to know what your co-workers look like when they get down. And whether it’s fancy post-high school technical moves or an awkward effort to look like they know what they’re doing, you know that all of your work family is down with having a good time.

5. You’ve already seen each other at your best… and worse

You've already seen each other at your best ... and worse

You’ve seen them on the day of their big promotions, on the day they impressed the big wigs and even post-hangovers and post-breakups… basically, you’ve seen it all. So, really, you know what you’re in for whenever you hang out with your work family.

6. Everyone gets paid on the same day

Everyone gets paid on the same day

You don’t even need to spy on your work family to know everyone’s pay schedule. And while yes, everyone has their own bills to pay, no one can complain that they’re low on funds on payday.

7. You can hang out with your best friend all day long

You can hang out with your best friend all day long

Once your co-workers become like family, you’ll actually look forward to going to work. You’ll wake up with the sun shining brighter, the grass a brighter shade of green and, of course, the fact that you are soon going to see your very best friends. Surprise them with donuts or coffee to show them your love.

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