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5 Tips to perfect your selfie smile

The selfie is so endemic to today’s society it has joined the ranks of trends immortalized in song. Everyone’s doing it, from pop stars to the president, so who are you to challenge the status quo? But first, before you add your selfie to the more than one million uploaded to social media every day, here’s some helpful selfie tips.

1. Do a pre-selfie inspection.

Before any big race, you’d take your car to get a tune-up. Likewise, when you take a selfie, you’ll thank yourself later if you set aside a few minutes beforehand to tune up your grin. Just think of yourself as your smile’s personal pit crew. Dab on a little lip gloss or tint, and check your teeth. You don’t want Facebook to try to tag the sprig of cilantro stuck between your teeth.

2. Take care of your teeth.

This should go without saying, no? To give the best impression possible, you’re going to want to show off your pearly whites, right? Which, naturally, means your pearlies need to actually be white. If yours have seen better days, brush up on your dental hygiene… literally. Go forth and get some ARM & HAMMER™ Truly Radiant™ toothpaste and an ARM & HAMMER™ Spinbrush™ Truly Radiant™ Deep Clean toothbrush and start using them daily.

3. Find the right lighting.

Don’t let your imagination run wild — we’re not talking about a glamour-shots-type production, here. We’re simply saying that the right lighting can make a huge difference between a sub-par selfie and a pretty fantastic one. For example, if you opt for a location with overhead lighting (ahem, bathroom mirror selfie-aholics), you’ll inevitably end up with shadowy raccoon eyes — which, for the record, is only a good look for raccoons — and, more pointedly, dingy-looking chompers. Opt for soft, natural lighting when possible.

4. Check your surroundings

Once you find the optimum lighting for your selfie, you’re going to want to take a look around said setting. Nobody really cares to see the trademark toilet-paper-and-tile combo indicative of the bathroom selfie. Also, nothing can distract from your beautiful selfie smile like a heaping pile o’ dirty laundry or, even worse, trash. Tidy up your frame or choose another altogether so your gorgeous grin gets the attention it truly deserves. No one likes playing second fiddle to a discarded pizza box.

5. Be yourself.

In other words, just be natural or at least attempt to look natural. If your smile is forced, people will pick up on it. Before you snap that selfie, stop and think. Are you trying to look cool or sexy or [insert appropriate adjective here]? If so, stop and reboot, because odds are good that you’re going to wind up with the infamous “duck face” — and trust us, this is one of those fads you’ll look back on later and wish you could erase from the memory card of your life. Kind of like Hammer pants. Or scrunchies.

This post is sponsored by ARM & HAMMER™.

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