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Goop-free ways to prevent sunburn

Sunscreen is the most common way to protect your skin from sun damage. But it’s not the only sun protection method. Umbrellas, hats and protective clothing are all effective (and goop-free) ways to keep your skin under wraps.


In China and other Asian countries, it’s not unusual to see people shielding themselves from the sun with parasols and umbrellas. While sun umbrellas are certainly less common in our sun-worshipping society, their popularity is rising in the U.S. due to growing concern over skin cancer. These three options will shield you from the sun in style.

 Goop-free ways to prevent sunburn

Totes TRX Manual Mini Trekker Umbrella (, $35)

This totes Mini Trekker Umbrella comes in a rainbow of colors and prints and blocks UV rays with SunGuard™ UPF 50+sun protection. At only 8 ounces, this compact folding umbrella can be stashed in your bag and popped out on sunny or rainy days.

 Goop-free ways to prevent sunburn

42″ Titanium Travel Umbrella (Coolibar, $40)

This generously sized Coolibar travel umbrella comes with a UPF rating of 50 and a ventilated double-canopy design. And if that sun goes behind a cloud, the water-repellent fabric will have you covered.

 Goop-free ways to prevent sunburn

Coolaroo Round Cantilever Umbrella, 10-Foot (Amazon, $217)

Add a cantilever umbrella to the backyard patio and give yourself cover while watching the kids swim and play. This 10-foot umbrella from Coolaroo is made with breathable easy-clean fabric that provides 90% UV blocking.


When it comes to choosing a hat for sun protection, bigger is better. Choose a hat with a wide brim and look for UPF ratings that indicate the level of sun protection provided.

 Goop-free ways to prevent sunburn

Striped Ribbon Sun Hat (, $30)

Grab a lightweight, packable hat like this striped ribbon braid sun hat. It goes with everything and has a 50+ UPF rating.

 Goop-free ways to prevent sunburn

Roxy By the Sea Hat (, $28)

Cover your face and neck in surf style with this wide-brimmed straw hat from Roxy. Taking a trip? Crunch it in your suitcase, then unpack, smooth out and toss on for immediate beachside sun protection.

 Goop-free ways to prevent sunburn

Aruba Hat (Sunday Afternoons, $32)

These cute sun hats offer UPF 50+ sun protection and come in deep turquoise, dark sand, black, lagoon and hibiscus.


Bring a cover-up to the beach or pool and slip it on for comfortable sun protection while you lounge. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your exposed areas.

 Goop-free ways to prevent sunburn

Vera Shores Tunic (Coolibar, $120)

Wear this UPF 50+ soft and smooth tunic over a bathing suit or with casual pants or leggings.

 Goop-free ways to prevent sunburn

Wick-It™ Wader Coverup (Athleta, $69)

This lightweight hooded coverup is made with UPF 50+ breathable fabric so you’ll stay cool and dry while protecting yourself from harmful rays. Comes in six fun colors.

 Goop-free ways to prevent sunburn

Printed Beach Throw On (Boden, $66)

If you like Boden, you’ll love their selection of printed tunic-style cover-ups. The versatile style is perfect poolside or just right for date night when paired with cropped leggings and sandals.

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