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For some ladies, fashion tends to fall to the back burner when they become moms. Not because you don’t want to look good — your time and money are just better delegated to other, more important resources. Fellow moms are here to help, though. Here are some easy style secrets that will make you feel trendy or classy, without much effort — music to a mom’s ears.

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Acessories that spice up an outfit

As moms, we are constantly on the go, so transformational fashion is a must. Having pieces that can get you through day and night and adapt to your needs will help you feel comfortable and stylish, says fashion designer Summer Kramer. Scarves, bracelets and statement necklaces, oh my.

“Always have your go-to accessories to easily spice up any outfit,” she advises. “I look for pieces that can take the dress I wore to run errands into the dress I wear to dinner.”

Have go-to classics

Kramer, who is founder and designer of SummerSkin, a line of stylish women’s clothing with built-in sun protection, says remembering the classics is also a must.

“When I’m running around with my 3-year-old one minute, and need to be out the door the next, my favorite blazer gives me an instant outfit upgrade,” she says. “Whether it’s with my jeans and a T-shirt or over a maxi dress, I can go from mom to mogul in 30 seconds.”

Stick to gorgeous flats

Investing in flats can do the impossible — help a mom feel stylish while running after her kids. “Heels have their place in a mom’s wardrobe, but with so many beautiful flats, it’s hard to say no to fabulous — and comfortable — feet on my daughter’s never-ending tricycle rides,” Kramer says.

Plan ahead

Meg Marra, a full-time working mom to a 2-year-old son, says her biggest style secret is to simply plan ahead.

“Always plan your outfit, shoes and accessories the night before — even and especially on the weekends — and lay it out so you can throw it on quickly in the morning without thinking,” she says.

Even having a “uniform” can help with planning. For example, Marra’s go-to outfit on the weekend includes chino shorts, a tank or printed button-front top, flat sandals and a cute baseball cap.

“All I need to do is make sure I have a clean cache of these items ready to go, and then pulling outfits from my closet becomes easy and formulaic,” she says.

Add a punch of color

During the summer, opt for a punch of color, such as a skinny mint or petal-pink belt around the waist or a pastel point-toe flat, advises beauty expert Jenn Falik, mother of a 3-year-old and spokesperson for Slim Fast‘s new summer weight-loss program. A giant pair of sunglasses with color frames makes for a fun and practical look.

Easy hair styles

Don’t forget one of your most noticeable accessories as well — your hair. Ponytails are always great solutions when on the go, and fabulous hair can be just five minutes away with these tips. Check out these other quick hairstyles for moms.

Get thrifty

Worried about spending too much? It’s easy to feel strapped for cash when your children need new soccer gear or want dance lessons. Your closet doesn’t have to suffer, though. Savers Family of thrift stores, for example, offer great options for mommies who need an outing but don’t want to empty their purses.

Kelly Snyder, founder of and a DealPro, says becoming part of rewards programs at drugstores can also help save money when buying beauty or personal care items.

“If you use department store beauty brands, make sure to find out when they have bonus buy events,” she said. “Purchasing your items during those events usually nets you another $50 to $100 in free product.”

What style tips can you share with moms? Sound off in the comments below.

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