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The newest use for kale? Nail polish


Is there anything kale can’t do? After becoming a health food staple, the popular green invaded our skin care routine with kale-based serums, and now it’s ready to adorn our fingernails. Yep, that’s right ladies, Nailkale is real.

As beauty editors and experts, we’ve tried a few crazy things in the name of beauty. Random ingredients, sometimes uncomfortable procedures — it’s all in a day’s work in our field. So when we’re approached with a new “miracle cure” for our beauty routine or a hot cult ingredient, we’re always game to give it a try. And this fall, it looks like we’ll be cozying up to kale a bit more.

The hit nail brand Nails Inc. recently teased us with the reveal of a line of base coats called Nailkale (cute, right?) and we’re more than a bit intrigued to discover what all the fuss is about once product becomes available in a few months. The superfood is already famous for its detoxifying properties and its ability to lower your cholesterol, so we’re not exactly surprised that the beauty industry’s experts are finding a way to apply its healthy virtues to our beauty routine.

So far, superfoods like kale have been mostly applied to our favorite facial moisturizers and serums, so a nail product infused with this healthy treat is sure to be interesting. Even more interesting to us beauty addicts? The newly announced face of Nails Inc., British trendsetter Alexa Chung. The brand shared this Instagram photo of Alexa checking out the new fall collection, which she’ll be fronting, and let’s just say it’s whetting our beauty appetite. Alexa and Nails Inc. have also collaborated on a collection of five fabric-inspired polishes. There will be a limited run launch of one shade in June and the rest will be available in August.

Even though we have to wait a few months to get our hands on some kale base coats, it’s safe to say this ingredient is about to wrap us around its fingers.

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