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Beer and marijuana are now in your fave beauty products

Why wait until the party? New beauty products bring beer and marijuana right into your bathroom.

Young Cannabis Plant in Black Pot

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It used to be that you had to hit up your favorite local bar or neighborhood house party to grab a smoke or a drink. Not anymore: More and more companies are infusing their hair and beauty products with some of the keys ingredients in beer and marijuana.

Why? They apparently help you look even more fabulous than you already do.

BRÖÖ, a mom-and-pop company based in North Carolina, created a line of haircare products formulated with beer instead of water. Ingredients typically found in your favorite adult beverage, like barley, hops and yeast, are chock full of proteins and vitamins that are believed to help strengthen and clarify your hair.


Washing hair with beer isn’t exactly a new thing — I remember having the brilliant idea to try it after one particularly drunken night with friends. I don’t remember it doing much for my hair, other than making it smell like an empty keg after a tailgate party.

However, the BRÖÖ line — with clever names like Hydrating Porter, Volumizing Pale Ale and Smoothing I.P.A. — is made with more refined ingredients than the Milwaukee’s Best I used to drink in the dorms, so I don’t doubt that the products do what they claim. I’m going to try a bottle or two for myself the next time I hit up Whole Foods.

Washing with beer not your thing? Grab your medical marijuana card and try some of the new beauty products by Apothecanna made with cannabis oil.

ew beauty products by Apothecanna made with cannabis oil.

No, you won’t get high. Apothecanna’s line of creams are meant to treat “a variety of muscle, joint, nerve and skin conditions” with the help of the main relaxing ingredient in cannabis, THC.

The Calming Creme, Pain Creme and Stimulating Creme — Apothecanna’s three main products — are made with other all-natural ingredients like lavender, chamomile, frankincense, ginger, capsaicin and grapefruit to help alleviate pain and “energize the skin and your mind.”

All of the cannabis used is grown at licensed marijuana facilities in Colorado, but you won’t get a contact high by using it topically.

Now, here’s the downside: You can only buy Apothecanna’s products through licensed medical marijuana centers in Colorado. However, the increasing acceptance of marijuana in mainstream society means that soon you might be able to buy lotions and other cannabis-infused creams and lotions at your local pharmacy — or maybe even your drugstore — in the near future.

Tell us: Would you use beer or cannabis in your beauty products?

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