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Everyday inspiration: Post something on your social feeds that reminds you the world is beautiful

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to appreciate the beauty in the world around us. We asked four women to post something on their social feeds that recognized the beauty in their lives.

Beautiful places |

Challenge: post something on your social feeds that reminds you the world is beautiful

Why? Beauty is all around us. We just need to stop and appreciate it. The next time you find beauty in the world around you, pass it on. Share something beautiful with your friends and family on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter today.

Bouvier Beauty |

Bouvier recently experienced the beauty of Berlin, Germany, with her family.

Bouvier: Ever since the internet came about, it has made the world feel so small. But when you travel, you remember just how large the world really is. The different languages, the different cultures, the different foods — it is something that you can never learn in a classroom. The world has so much beauty to offer, whether it’s a building built in the 1700s that takes your breath away or an untouched forest that Mother Nature created, the world is truly amazing. But no matter where you are from, it is family that truly makes this world beautiful.

Danielle Beauty |

Danielle: My friendship with Ing Wong-Ward constantly reminds me that the world is beautiful. Like me, she has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type II. She lives an incredibly full life that would be challenging for any able-bodied woman. Not only is she a radio producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, she is also wife to Tim Wong-Ward for the past 16 years. Together, they have a beautiful 6-year old daughter, Zhenmei. Ing found me on Twitter last year and we set up a date to meet during their family vacation in Manhattan. Ing gives me the great hope and belief that I too will have an amazing family of my own. And that is truly beautiful.

Erin Beauty |

Erin: Yesterday, I finally got all the seedlings in their pots. Welcome to the jungle! Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, my patio turns into a little vegetable forest. I couldn’t be happier in my own little beautiful world of plant life.

Megan: On Saturday, I posted this Wander for a Bit graphic on my social media pages. I have always believed in the power of wandering. You don’t have a purpose. You don’t have a destination. You’re simply seeking to explore. By wandering, I believe people are able to gain a deeper knowledge of themselves. Whether we wander mentally or physically, it is this ability to let go and let life take over that allows us to gain everyday inspiration in our daily tasks. I hope you will take time to wander for a bit today and explore the beauty gained through self-exploration.

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