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Everyday inspiration: Do at least one thing that brings you joy

Follow your bliss. Sounds easy enough. But it’s easy to get sidetracked and stumble off that path to inner happiness. Today, do just one thing that brings you joy. And if you like it, try one more thing tomorrow. (And so on.)

Challenge: do at least one thing that brings you joy

Why? Women tend to put others’ needs before their own. Remember that you’ll be a better wife, mother, friend or daughter when you take care of yourself. So go ahead and treat yourself to something indulgent today. You deserve it.

Marcy: There’s nothing better than spending weekend mornings with my dog, all cozy in bed and putting on my favorite movie. On days when you don’t want to leave the house, having the luxury of indulging in Starbucks right at home is such a pleasure. I have been telling everyone to discover Starbucks’ in-home treats: Starbucks Discoveries.

Margaret: You would think that staying home with a toddler and freelancing would give you some time to do the things you love, right? So wrong. It’s even easier to become a workaholic and neglect yourself and the things you love. For this challenge, I made a conscious effort to take time out of my day (and away from my phone) and focus on doing the small, happy things: sitting down and coloring with my daughter, singing in the car and even planning an overdue family vacation. My family brings me joy and I needed to spend more time with them.

Kristen: Since becoming a parent five years ago, “me” time disappeared. No more two-hour workouts. No more going to the beach with just a towel. And no more reading grown-up books, until this past Mother’s Day. I decided on this day dedicated to the hardest-working species on earth, I would read a book. Reading to me equals pure joy. I lay next to my pool with a frivolous novel and just relaxed as the warm sun seeped into my skin. There’s something so magical about escaping into a book. Can it be Mother’s Day every day?

Our Everyday Inspiration series wants to inspire you with small ways to improve your life. We’ve asked 20 women to take on a variety of small challenges and share their results. See all of our Everyday Inspiration challenges here, and meet the women here.

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