Everyday inspiration: Take a five-minute yoga break

You may not have time for a daily yoga class, but did you know just five minutes of yoga can help calm your mind and refresh your outlook?

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Challenge: take a five-minute yoga break

Why? Take just five minutes and practice the moving meditation of yoga. Focusing on your breath and nothing else will calm your body and your mind.

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Raina: A five-minute yoga break. I expected the stress-relieving qualities of this activity, but what I found remarkable was the empowerment. I always seek out poses that challenge my ability. Struggling one week and then being able to hold them confidently the next is such a rewarding feeling. Afterward, I walk taller, feel stronger and am more mentally focused. The feeling of overcoming and seeing measurable progress is thrilling. At the same time and on the opposite side of the spectrum, I am always amazed how much more calm and relaxed I am afterward. What a treat.

Patrice: I haven’t done yoga in forever. Today I realized I need it back in my life. I decided to do my yoga break first thing in the morning. Ha ha. I was lying in bed and saw the sunshine peeking through the drapes. It was a gorgeous spring morning here in Philly. Birds chirping, sun shining, the sound of people buzzing around outside. I felt it was perfect for my mini yoga session. I pushed the drapes aside, opened the window and said hello to the world. Sun salutations in the morning sun give you so much energy. I was pumped for the day.

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