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Everyday inspiration: Make something for yourself

We asked three women to get their creative juices flowing and make something for themselves. You might be surprised with the results.

Challenge: make something for yourself

Why? As all DIY junkies know, making something with your own hands is supremely satisfying. Whether it’s a crafty magnet, a healthy cookie or a shoebox organizer, go ahead and try your hand at creating something special for yourself today.

Nora: I am a huge dessert person. I love enjoying tasty treats after a meal. While it’s difficult to maintain a fit body while eating dessert every night, I was determined to find a healthy way to do it. I started experimenting with different ingredients and came up with a delicious cookie recipe that’s free of sugar, gluten, butter and eggs.

Katie: As a working mom, having reminders of my kids around me makes my day even happier. So for my challenge this week, I made myself a magnet of one of my favorite pictures of my daughter. I placed the magnet on the filing cabinet over my desk, next to a matching one of my son. I wake up to this sweet smiling face every day, but now I can see it throughout my workday, as a reminder of what is waiting for me at home. One of my colleagues told me that my desk looks like “a mother’s heart exploded” and I take that as a compliment.

Akilah power cords |

Akilah: Sometimes I get on Pinterest. It’s not my favorite website, but I have a guilty pleasure in their DIY boards. Sometimes their life hacks are just too good. This week I decided that if I was going to make my bedroom less junky, I’d have to start with the floor. All you need to hide your unsightly cords are an old shoebox, scissors and a knife. You can decorate the shoebox if you want, but I’m just not that fancy.

Cut a hole in the side of the box for the power strip cord to reach the wall. Then, cut the same number of holes into the box as appear on the power strip. This side will face away from visitors. (You can do a more attractive job than I did, but truly I just didn’t want the cords to be a fire hazard.) Finally place the power strip in the box and pull the cord out toward the wall. Plug in your favorite items and pull their cords through the side holes. Replace the lid, and you’ve got a swanky hiding place for your serpentine cords.

Our Everyday Inspiration series wants to inspire you with small ways to improve your life. We’ve asked 20 women to take on a variety of small challenges and share their results. See all of our Everyday Inspiration challenges here, and meet the women here.

If you need a project idea, try this stenciled throw pillow:

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