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Sephora offers free makeup classes, who knew?

Get excited. Sephora is now offering free in-depth makeup classes in 13 states and Puerto Rico.

As if we really needed another reason to shop at Sephora.

Our favorite makeup mecca is now offering classes that teach makeup novices the tips and tricks the pros use, including in-depth instruction on everything from contouring and highlighting to the proper way to apply bright eyeshadow.

According to several reviews, the classes have been happening for months and actually teach students proper technique without a hard sales pitch at the end. Of course, they want students to buy product at the end — and they even offer personal recommendations after the class — but attendees say it’s more about the education than the sale.

“I’ve done the smokey eye, flawless foundation, and skincare ones so far. They’re great!!” one Minneapolis-based makeup lover wrote on Reddit. “You get complimentary snacks and beverages, the classes are really informative, you get to shop in the store with just a small group of people, and you get a bunch of free samples!! I highly recommend going!!”

Sure, you can always get personalized attention every time you stop at a Sephora store, but with a class you’re not competing with a million other customers for the attention of a few busy employees during a busy weekend afternoon. In my experience, the employees want to help you find products, but they just don’t have the time to give you the scoop on applying false lashes or creating the perfect date night smoky eye.

The best part? The classes are free for Beauty Insider members.

Now for the downside: The classes are only available at select locations in 13 states and Puerto Rico. Hopefully they’ll expand to all stores soon, so be sure to ask the next time you’re in Sephora.

And let’s be honest, you’ll probably be there this weekend anyway.

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