Weekly horoscopes: May 26 – June 1

Are you dealing with a deadbeat dad, an abusive employer or a tenant who owes you back rent? If yes, then you’ll be glad to know about the sensational Sun and Mars trine that will be taking place on May 31. This planetary configuration has zero tolerance for rule breakers. Like a champion archangel, it will uphold the rule of law when it comes to any contract violation, ignored settlement or broken lease agreement. If you happen to be struggling with any of these issues, then this is the week to press your case because Mars will bring swift justice and speedy execution. Even if you gave up hope long ago, you will want to try again. You won’t be disappointed.


ARIES (March 20-April 18)

You’re full of bright ideas and inspiration about how to improve your life — as well as the lives of those around you — but you lack the resources and support. You hate feeling beholden to others, but that’s the story of your life as long as your ruling planet Mars is in Libra (July 25). The only way to achieve your goals is to work with others. It’s a tall order, but the good news about Mars’ prolonged stay in Libra is that it teaches you to harness the people power in your life. You can do this.


TAURUS (April 19-May 19)

This week you’re beset with free-floating anxieties regarding money. Talk of downsizing at work doesn’t help nor does looking at some underwhelming returns on recent investments. Thankfully, your overall planetary picture isn’t so dire. In fact, the stars show you’re on the road to financial recovery; however, that road looks like it will take longer to travel than you initially planned. Thankfully, you were born under a sign that can persevere as long as you have a time frame to work with. You can look forward to turning a major corner in late July.


GEMINI (May 20-June 19)

Don’t believe the hype. The new moon in your sign, square to illusory Neptune, at the top of your solar horoscope on May 28 creates false hopes and inflated expectations. This could lead you to believe that you’re a bigger Kahuna than you really are. This would be a good time to remember that the planet Neptune was named after the Roman god of the seas. Ruler of dreams and fantasies, Neptune also rules over bubbles. You could discover that you’ve been living in one, and May 28 could be the day when that bubble bursts.


CANCER (June 20-July 21)

This would not be the time to put all of your eggs in one basket — unless you’re looking for life to sit down on it and squash them. Planetary configurations show that despite your strong start, it looks like you will fall considerably short of your goal. It would be a good idea to start exploring options and contingency plans on May 29. It may feel like you’re diverting attention at a time when you need to stay focused, but you’ll be glad you did this when Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer next week.


LEO (July 22-Aug. 21)

You think you’ve made yourself perfectly clear, but the rise in misunderstandings, missed deadlines and botched projects says otherwise. As a Leo, you believe that if you want something done right, then you should do it yourself; however, Mars in Libra begs to differ. We live in a society that values team effort. Delegating responsibility and checking in to make sure that everyone’s on the same page, as well as bird-dogging endeavors from start to finish, are the way to go. You’ll soon see that you’ll get twice as much done with half the effort.


VIRGO (Aug. 22-Sept. 21)

The last time that the Sun trined Mars (Feb.12) you were unable to pursue a golden opportunity. That’s because Mars was about to turn retrograde, so your timing was all off. This time when the Sun trines Mars again (May 31) your path will be free and unobstructed. The only thing that could get in the way is some misplaced loyalty that creates guilt or hesitation on May 28. Put it out of your mind because if positions were reversed, this person would have no problem pushing you to one side to get what he wanted.


LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 21)

Nobody will ever call you wishy-washy again. Mars in Libra has fired up your determination to go after the things you want in life. No more vacillating, pandering to others or waiting for opportunities to fall into your lap. You’re on fire now, and you won’t settle for second best. This will be especially evident on May 31 when the Sun trines Mars and shows you pulling off yet another amazing coup. So is all of this success leading to a great fall? Remember that you’re a bridge builder — not a bridge burner — and you can’t go wrong.


SCORPIO (Oct. 22-Nov. 20)

You have the ability to tell it like it is, which is why friends and co-workers value your candid opinion. That, plus the fact that your judgment call is often spot on, makes you everyone’s favorite champion. However, your tendency to speak up when others won’t can make you the go-to advocate for cowardly types looking for someone to fight their battles for them. Make sure that you’re not being roped into taking on a thankless cause on Friday. It doesn’t matter how dramatic the plight is, it’s not worth it.


SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 21-Dec. 20)

Conventional wisdom says it’s never smart to depend on the kindness of strangers, but you will prove to be the exception to this rule on May 31. Often taken for granted by those closest to you, your heartwarming benevolence speaks to those fly-by-night acquaintances who move in and out of your life so quickly. Evidently you did someone a good turn back in Feb. It may not have struck you as much at the time, but it made an impression on him. So much so that he’ll want to do you a good turn as well.


CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 18)

Intellectually you understand that you’ve gone as far as you can go on your own, but you still don’t like it. Partnerships — whether they’re romantic or professional — are never easy for a Capricorn. That’s because you’re used to carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Alone. The fact that you must rely on someone else now and that this person is calling the shots doesn’t sit well. Nevertheless, this is the universe’s way of teaching you to trust. It’s never too late to open your heart and mind and to renounce your curmudgeonly ways.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 19-Feb. 17)

Venus enters Taurus on May 28. Typically this would favor things like remodeling, renovating and even a house sale. These are the sorts of activities that one would expect you to be on hand for; however, Mars in the part of your solar chart that pertains to long journeys shows that you will be anywhere but here during this time. This could pertain to pressing professional commitments or personal obligations that will demand your physical presence and attention, so get ready to do some long-distance management of your domestic affairs.


PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19)

Mars’ entrance last Dec. into that part of your solar chart that pertains to debt shows that you’ve been having a helluva time making people fulfill their promises, pledges and commitments. It hasn’t been easy collecting money that’s owed to you. It also hasn’t been easy to secure financing or get a loan. Nevertheless, this is not the time to call it quits. If anything, you’ll want to press ahead because a spectacular Sun and Mars trine on May 31 shows that you will finally get that reimbursement or approval you’ve been seeking.

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