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13 Life hacks to calm the craze in your laundry room

It would be silly not to incorporate any or all of these hacks into your laundry room, because they’re perfect for organizing or sprucing up your space.

1. Laundry basket pedestal

 Laundry basket pedestal

Instead of adding your washer’s and dryer’s optional pedestals, you can build your own, equipped with built-in laundry baskets. You can easily give in to your OCD needs by sorting your clothes as soon as you take them off.

2. Shower rod

Shower bar

It’s almost silly not to add this simple hack into your laundry room. Install a shower rod above your dryer or in the corner of your space for easy hanging and difficult wrinkling.

3. Above-the-shelf storage

Above the shelf storage

Typically an area that is used for collecting dust bunnies, the wasted space above your laundry room cupboards should instead be used for organizing. Crazy couponers can use it to store all of their free detergents, while others can simply store seasonal items and other miscellaneous home needs.

4. Laundry finds

Laundry finds

Don’t let another penny go wasted again! Create cute decor for your laundry room and use it for collecting loose change, socks and whatever else your family stuffs into their pockets.

5. Middle shelf

Middle shelf

Another great hack for turning wasted space functional, a floating shelf can do wonders for your laundry room. Pretty up your space with pictures and decor, or simply store detergents to save space in the cupboards for your other organizing needs.

6. Built-in drying rack

Built in drying rack

An amazing idea for apartments, small spaces and single ladies, this built-in drying rack can be pulled down whenever you have something that requires hang drying. Save energy with small loads by hanging instead of drying.

7. Pull-out sweater drying rack

Pull out sweater drying rack

Another option for your drying needs is a pull-out rack. Pull it out and push it in whenever necessary.

8. Corkboards in the cupboards

Pegboards in the cupboards

Hang laundry instructions, extra numbers or cute notes to your hubby with corkboards in your cupboards. They’re a great place to pin up special laundering needs and extra buttons. It would be silly to keep the inside of your laundry room cupboards bare when you can maximize the space.

9. Detergent pour

Detergent pour

Whether you make your own laundry detergent or don’t care for your run-of-the-mill Tide bottle, a drink carafe is a cute option for your liquid detergent. A bit cleaner than the plastic version, this is an easy hack to spruce up your space.

10. Sock door

Sock door

Every laundry room needs a sock door. Add a few hooks, a piece of wire and a few clothespins for a cute place to hang socks and other miscellaneous items.

11. Bookcase


If the laundry basket fits, use it! Place a bookshelf in your laundry room for baskets, shoes, tools and whatever else you use your laundry room for.

12. Folding station shelves

Folding station shelves

One of the most awesome aspects of a front-loading washer and dryer is the ability to turn the top of them into functional space. Use a floating shelf or high-rise table on top for the perfect folding station.

13. On the wall

On the wall

Small laundry room lovers unite over these amazing hanging sorting bags. Cute and efficient, you’ll feel like the smartest Suzy Homemaker on the planet.

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