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15 Genius life hacks to help organize your bathroom

Give yourself a much-needed break with these awesome hacks to organize your bathroom. They’re both cute and functional, and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t think of these genius hacks yourself.

1. Ladder up

Ladder up

Photo credit: Funky Junk Interiors

Small bathroom owners should try this shabby chic ladder to hang towels.

2. Fabric toilet paper holder

Fabric toilet paper holder

Photo credit: Make It & Love It

No more running out of toilet paper. DIY this fancy little holder so you’ll never be left stranded.

3. His & hers towel hooks

His & her towel hooks

Photo credit: The Average Jess

There’ll be no more towel mix-ups with personalized his and hers shower hooks.

4. Toothbrush organization

Toothbrush organization

Photo credit: The Activity Mom

A famous “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment comes from using a utensil organizer for the family’s toothbrushes.

5. Magazine rack

Magazine rack

Photo credit: Dream Green DIY

Use a magazine rack to keep all of your hair appliances organized and easy to access.

6. Magnetic strips

Magnetic strips

Photo credit: Super Woman

Say goodbye to lost bobby pins and earrings by adhering a magnetic strip somewhere around your bathroom vanity.

7. Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan

Photo credit: By Stephanie Lynn

There’s no need to knock down all of your beauty products to get the one that you need. With a lazy Susan, everything is neatly organized and at your disposal.

8. Pocket organizing

Pocket organizing

Photo credit: The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking

Great for beauty or cleaning products, a shoe organizer can easily be hung inside of a cabinet or linen closet.

9. Magnetic makeup

Magnetic makeup

Photo credit: Laura Thoughts

Shorten your morning beauty routine by adding a magnetic board to your medicine cabinet or hanging one in a frame to avoid wasting time when searching the bottomless pit that is your makeup bag.

10. Caddy shelf

Caddy shelf

Photo credit: The Polohouse

Another great use of wasted space is this nice and neat caddy shelf. It’s made with built-in compartments so you can organize your little heart out.

11. Beauty product overload

Beauty product overload

Photo credit: Kevin & Amanda

If you’ve got a serious beauty product and fragrance obsession like this blogger does, use a few floating shelves behind your bathroom door to organize all of your faves.

12. Double the shower rod

Double the shower rod

Photo credit: Designed by Dawn Nicole

Plain old shower caddies are a thing of the past. Hang an extra rod on the inside of your shower for extra shampoos, soaps and more.

13. Wine rack

Wine rack

Photo credit: 11 Magnolia Lane

Wine racks are not only great in the kitchen, they are awesome and functional in the bathroom too. Hang one above your toilet for a chic and functional way to store towels.

14. Hangers in the bathroom

Hangers in the bathroom

Photo credit: Ki Nassauer

An appropriate and efficient way to store towels and clothes in the bathroom is with the use of these cool DIY hanger shelves.

15. Cutlery organizer

Cutlery organizer

Photo credit: 11 Magnolia Lane

Another hack stolen from the kitchen is this cutlery organizer turned bathroom tool storage.

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