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Book these summer trips for serious relaxation


When it heats up outside, it’s time to chill. Check out these calming vacation destinations for summer trips that will leave you feeling refreshed rather than exhausted.

1. Find your taste buds in Tennessee

Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountain
Photo credit: William Britten/E+/Getty Images

Blackberry Farm is nestled in the shadows of Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains, and at first glance you wouldn’t guess that it’s one of the top-rated resorts in the entire world. Indulge in Blackberry Farm’s award-winning, farm-produced cuisine to make your taste buds soar in the heart of the country.

2. Give yourself to nature in Oregon

Hot spring in Oregon

Photo credit: Joel Carillet/E+/Getty Images

Pristine forests, crashing waterfalls and indulgent hot springs will overwhelm your senses at Oregon’s Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat, which exists to help people reconnect with nature. Just make sure to pack your yoga mat and an open mind for your relaxing nature retreat.

3. Savor the sand in Florida

Key West, Florida

Photo credit: marcellus2070/E+/Getty Images

It doesn’t really matter where you stay in Key West, Florida, as long as you ditch the party scene in favor of the town’s flawless beaches. Key West is a perennial top pick when it comes to American beaches, and it’s easy to understand why when you dig your toes into its sugary sand and take in the turquoise ocean.

4. Unplug in Idaho

Farm in Idaho

Photo credit: Baxternator/iStock/360/Getty Images

MaryJanesFarm in Idaho is a fascinating mixture of glamour and grime. The charming bed and breakfast boasts nice amenities, delicious food and clever decor — all without the benefit of electricity or phones. Find out how much you can truly relax when you unplug from the world completely.

5. Sip on vino in California

Napa Valley

Photo credit: John Alves/iStock/360/Getty Images

Experience the best wine America has to offer by sipping away your worries in Napa Valley, Califonia. Make the most of your trip by booking a spa-like hotel and retreat center, like the world-class Auberge du Soleil in the heart of Napa.

6. Dress down in Massachusetts

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Photo credit: OlegAlbinsky/iStock/360/Getty Images

Kick your stilettos to the curb when you let down your hair in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. While the island is a favorite of celebrities and politicians, it’s also known for its laid-back charm and welcoming atmosphere. Check out indulgent foods and remarkable views, all from the comfort of your sneakers.

7. Treat yourself in Texas

Texas Hill Country

Photo credit: Insomnia6/iStock/360/Getty Images

Find out why millions of people have relocated to Texas in recent years by checking out the Escondida Resort in the middle of Texas’ hill country. Escondida will greet you with full spa services so you’ll leave feeling refreshed and beautiful.

8. Embrace the artistic in New Mexico

Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

Photo credit: photoBeard/iStock/360/Getty Images

Santa Fe boasts a robust art scene in the middle of the American Southwest, so make the most of this hidden gem by booking an art retreat. Not sure where to start? Check out the Wild Heart Painting Retreat, hosted at the famous Ghost Ranch, just north of Santa Fe.

9. Say “namaste” in Costa Rica

Yoga in Costa Rica

Photo credit: Jeremy Woodhouse/Blend Images/360/Getty Images

Nothing says “relaxation” quite like practicing yoga in the middle of Costa Rica’s stunning jungles and beaches. Let Costa Rica’s Blue Spirit Yoga Retreat Center do all the planning for you — and if you need a little extra excitement, you can take advantage of surfing and jungle excursions, too.

10. Escape the heat in Alaska

Halibut Cove, Alaska

Photo credit: Jay Berkow Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Finally, cuddle up at Stillpoint Lodge in Alaska for an opportunity to beat the heat this summer. Unwind in front of a crackling fire after trying your hand at kayaking, meditating and bird watching in the middle of America’s last great frontier.

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