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6 DIY shoe rack ideas to organize your closet

Ah, the shoe storage conundrum. No matter how big your closet or how sparse your collection of heels, shoes tend to end up… everywhere. Here are six simple DIY racks that will fix your shoe organization problems for good.

1. The toe hold

Who knew that adding a few regular boards to a wall could make all the difference in the world? This DIY shoe rack requires only three supplies — boards, brackets and screws. It doesn’t take up much room, looks great and you can get as creative as you’d like. Go wild.

2. The hanging solution

Why have we never thought of this? Instead of piling your shoes on the ground, use hangers to suspend them from your wall. You save a whole lot of space, and all you need are some wire hangers, a few hooks and a bit of yarn. Hanging shoes. Genius.

3. The shipping pallet

A clean shipping pallet is hard to find — you have to locate one without termites, mold or chemical treatments. However, if you manage this task, you basically have this brilliant shoe organizer ready to go. Paint or stain the pallet as you will, stick those shoes on in and boom. You have a Pinterest-ready closet.

4. The colorful crates

Put your old wine crates to good use with this inventive DIY project. Simply paint your crates the color of your choice, suspend them from your walls and store your shoes — in them, on them, around them. Whatever you decide will be fun and clutter-free.

5. The modern look

This sleek, modern shoe rack looks like something Frank Lloyd Wright would have built for one of his organic homes. It’s just so natural. Sebastian Goldschmidtböing used abachi wood to create this genius organizer, and we love everything about it.

6. The royal way

This fancy-pants shoe rack is actually just a spray-painted picture frame attached to the wall with double-sided tape. We would never know, though, because the crown molding looks fantastic and expensive and way more complicated than that. What a way to display your heels.

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