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These temp tattoos might be the coolest summer accessory yet

If you’re anything like me, you’ve always sort of wanted a tattoo. Do you know what’s wrong with that sentence? The words “sort of.”

These two magical words are what have kept me from inking something permanent on my body, despite my grand illusions of a sexy tat (usually inspired by something rad someone put on Pinterest that I probably could not pull off at all).

But there’s great news for us tattoo wannabes: Flash Tattoos, jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos. It’s like the best of both worlds: a tattoo design in a non-permanent, pretty metallic.

Flash Tattoos

Essentially you choose the Flash Tattoo style that you like best, and then you get three to four sheets of various metallic designs in that style for you to mix and match. Hello, pool party, beach trip, music festival or selfie.

The collections are really fun and vary from the NIKKI, with dramatic and edgy black and gold designs, to the LENA with more simple. delicate patterns in silver and gold, all the way to the GOLDFISH KISS which is described as tropical ‘beach bling.’ Women aren’t just wearing these in the standard tattoo spots (wrist, back of neck, hip bone) but also as faux jewelry, on their necks and to resemble bracelet stacks or anklets. It’s a beautiful hybrid of body accessory domination. Also did I mention how glimmery and shimmery they are?

Flash Tattoos

To apply, it’s just like the temporary tattoos of our youth: cutting them to size, removing a plastic sheet and applying water. And they last four to six blissful, blingy days.

So now, you can pretend you’re a wild child and experiment with that tattoo you’ve been sketching instead of waking up in a few years full of regret and sick of explaining what that one word on your rib cage means to you.

Flash Tattoos

Bonus: They cause tan lines, so the rocking temporary tattoo design can leave a fun mark even after it wears off. It’s the tramp stamp that keeps on giving.

Flash Tattoos

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