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Everyday inspiration: Do an easy DIY project

In today’s connected world, thousands of DIY projects are just a click away. Light your creative spark and make something today.

Makeup organizer |

Challenge: Do an easy DIY project

Why? DIY projects are excellent confidence-builders. Use your mind, hands and heart to create a project from scratch, then enjoy your labor of love.

Megan painting |

Megan: I’ll be honest, we are not the craftiest house on the block. If we’re going to attempt a project, it needs to be fairly simple or it won’t get done. That’s why I was so happy when I decided to make a family initial handprint canvas. It’s a fun project the whole family takes part in and you can complete it in a day. Just let the paint dry between each color used. It’s one framed canvas we can find everyday inspiration and love in. It holds a lifetime worth of memories in the hand prints used to build it.

Victoria makeup organizer |

Victoria was inspired by this DIY makeup organizer she found on Pinterest.

Victoria: Living in a small New York apartment and being a clutter-free fanatic makes things challenging at times. I’m always trying to find ways to save on space and make things more organized. One specific thing I like to keep neat is my makeup collection. I don’t use many products, but I do have my few key essentials. I bought two clear cabinet organizers and a piece of wood, and decided to make my own makeup organizer. I just glued on the two organizers (which were meant to be stand-alone pieces) and screwed the wood panel into the wall. A few simple steps and my makeup display was complete.

Nora: I am not a big arts and crafts girl, but after attempting my DIY water bottle, I can see why folks love these type of projects. It’s almost meditative. There is something about being creative without having to fulfill a specific need. I decided to make a plain mason jar into an art project. I took my time painting it and added a few designs. I am very excited to be drinking a Starbucks Discoveries beverage out of it. It brings a smile to my face!

Our Everyday Inspiration series wants to inspire you with small ways to improve your life. We’ve asked 20 women to take on a variety of small challenges and share their results. See all of our Everyday Inspiration challenges here, and meet the women here.

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