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Everyday inspiration: Take a selfie


If you haven’t noticed, this is the age of the selfie. Go ahead and express yourself by taking a selfie of you and someone or something that makes you smile.

Selfies with something that makes you smile |

Challenge: take a selfie with someone or something that makes you smile

Why? What’s better than a selfie? A selfie with someone or something you love, of course. Flash your pearly whites and snap a pic to capture the moment. Whether you save it or share it, you’ll have a visual keepsake to treasure forever.

Bouvier and her Yorkie |

Bouvier: It was a bit difficult to choose what or who to take a selfie with that makes me smile. My initial thought was to take a selfie with my family since being with them obviously makes me smile. But the other night, my husband and I noticed that our Yorkie’s tooth fell out. It then dawned on me that our dog was no longer a puppy and is technically considered a senior. So I decided to take a selfie with my dog, Zeus Jackson — the dog that thinks he’s human and somehow always manages to put a smile on my face.

Patrice and friends |

Patrice: My challenge this week was to take a selfie with someone that makes me smile. Easy, yet hard, because I have so many reasons to smile. These three people have changed my life since I moved to Philly four years ago. Neither my business nor I would be where I’m at today if I didn’t have Carlos, Erica and Marisol as my friends, connectors, cheerleaders and support. I love them. Friends, to me, are just as important as family. They are the family I chose and I am thankful for them.

Erin and mother |

Erin: Because Saturday was Mother’s Day, naturally this selfie is with my mom, who makes me smile every day. We had brunch together in the city, went shopping and then rounded the day out with some Mexican food for dinner. I got my love of margaritas and guacamole from her, after all.

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