Everyday inspiration: Compliment five people

Compliments are an easy way to spread a little happiness each day. Not only will you shine a light on the recipient of your kind words, but you’ll give yourself a mental lift too.

Challenge: compliment five people

Why? Set a goal to compliment five people today. It may be difficult at first, but with some practice you just might get a little addicted to the happiness boost that comes from dishing out praise.

Lauren with David Beckham | Sheknows.com

Lauren: I love giving people compliments. It is so easy to do and it can really make someone’s day. It makes me feel great when a friend tells me I look nice or did a good job on something. So this SheKnows challenge was an easy one. Especially since this week David Beckham came to our news station for an interview. So all my beautiful coworkers just happened to look even more fabulous than usual. I dished out compliments on hair, dresses and fantastic shoes. But the best compliment that day came from Mr. Beckham himself when he said, “Everyone looks lovely today,” as girls gathered around him for a group shot. So I guess his compliment trumped mine. That’s OK. I get it.

Danielle with taxi driver | Sheknows.com

Danielle: Complimenting five people was an easy challenge for me. As a clinical psychologist, I am very aware that people respond to praise and positive encouragement. I feel that this is especially important to remember in Manhattan, a fast-paced environment where it is easy to feel isolated even when surrounded by many people. Reaching out and offering a compliment is such a good way to validate others and show them that their efforts are appreciated. Among the five people I complimented was the driver of a wheelchair-accessible taxi. I commended him on his courteous service and the extra time he took to make me feel safe and comfortable. Hopefully, this will also encourage more NYC taxi drivers to choose to drive wheelchair-accessible cabs.

Jenny: Life is fast-paced and chaotic. I’m usually wrapped up in what I have going on and fail to notice those around me. This week I decided to change course. I took the time to acknowledge the people I see every day. As a result I paid compliments to my mailman, a coworker, my son’s teacher, a cashier and my neighbor. My accolades were short and sweet but heartfelt. In return I received smiles, a hug and a new friend. Stepping out of my own life for a moment was more rewarding than I ever could have imagined.

Marcy: My most recent challenge called me to compliment five people. I had trouble finding five to compliment genuinely. Are my standards too high? Or maybe I wasn’t tuned in? When I finally saw a woman whose hair I wanted to compliment, I was on an escalator going the opposite way and I froze. I felt embarrassed and scared to just shout, “I love your hair!” What a bummer. I bet it would have made her day.

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