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10 Jigsaw puzzles that actually make great art

Tired of boring posters and cliched wall art? Try framing a puzzle for wall art that’s a conversation starter. Plus, if you’re a puzzle lover you’ll have a legit excuse for getting your nerd on and starting a new project.

1. The classic piece

Bal Du Moulin Renoir jigsaw puzzle

This Bal du moulin de la Galette Renoir jigsaw puzzle would look oh-so-chic in a room paired with black-and-white stripes and gilded accents (Sheer Direct, $16).

2. The conversation starter

peacock shaped-puzzle

A peacock-shaped puzzle is sure to initiate a few questions at your next dinner party (Liberty Puzzles, $95).

3. The toy puzzle

Whale of a tail

This wooden whale puzzle would add a touch of whimsy to a nautical-themed space (Etsy, $30).

4. The Van Gogh

Van Gogh's Starry Night

Unlike the common poster you might find in a typical dorm room, a framed puzzle of Van Gogh’s Starry Night gives the famous scene some uniqueness (Puzzles Plus, $15).

5. The album art cover

Pink Floyd album art puzzle

Put this Pink Floyd album art puzzle in your hubby’s basement and let him relive his glory days (Wayfair, $16).

6. The classic rock and roll

Beatles' Abbey Road album

Mount this iconic scene of the Beatles’ Abbey Road album in your family room. Pair the puzzle with vintage records hung as artwork and a guitar on display (Wayfair, $16).

7. The art nouveau

 Martini & Rossi jigsaw puzzle

Hang this art nouveau style Martini & Rossi jigsaw puzzle over your bar cart (Serious Puzzles, $18).

8. The vintage poster

vintage travel poster

Pair this vintage travel poster with muted yellows and light grays. It would make for a cheery breakfast room (Liberty Puzzle Shop, $105).

9. The vintage magazine cover

vintage magazine cover puzzle

A vintage magazine-cover puzzle would make unexpected wall art for a nursery or playroom. Bonus points if you put the puzzle together while nesting (Wayfair, $30).

10. The modern print

'Chrysoto' jigsaw puzzle

This Chrysoto jigsaw puzzle by artist Rex Ray is vibrant and full of life — just how you feel after putting the final puzzle piece in place (Puzzles For Sale, $22).

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