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Kale just invaded skin care with this veggie-infused face serum

Boy do we love to put food on our face. From homemade avocado masks to the coconut oil explosion, we’re total hippies these days and it’s no wonder that someone somewhere decided to put kale in a facial product.

organic, citrus + kale serum

That someone is Éminence and that product is a natural, organic, citrus + kale serum, or as the internet has dubbed it, the ‘salad serum.’

This liquid (it’s not leafy, don’t worry) boasts the ability to brighten your skin, lighten sun damage, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and prevent inflammation. It also contains spinach, broccoli, avocado, lemon and grapefruit (which I swear is a near-identical juice recipe I’ve had before).

After reading about this kale serum, I checked out other Éminence products and it is a veritable feast of food products. At a quick glance I saw guava, blackberry, red currant, tomato seed, even yam and pumpkin. I got off their site when I saw something called a Mimosa Champagne Tonique because by then I was just hungry and thirsty.

I like to think that somewhere this is what our ancestors were doing to keep their youthful glow.

The kale serum is not out until June, so until then, we’ll just have to stick to kale smoothies and salads.

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