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Happy hour with your boss: What your drink says about you

You just got the calendar reminder; it’s time for happy hour with your boss. Here’s your go-to guide for what your drink of choice will say about you to the man or woman who signs your paychecks.

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Someone is channeling her inner Sex & the City character. You’re looking to relax, but you still want to have a little bit of fun while your boss is around. You’ll look totally cool and collected, unless you drink one too many. If this is your drink of choice, you may want to limit yourself to one to avoid any alcohol-infused truths that she or he does not want to hear.

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Vodka tonic

You’re a straightforward kind of person, and this happy hour is just a way to take the meeting out of the office. Something light with a punch, you know how to handle yourself around upper management. Just don’t let your boss think differently by dropping the tonic from your vodka tonic.

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Jack and coke

Either it’s your first time going to happy hour with your boss (or ever), or you want to hide the fact that you’re taking in a drink. Your boss knows you’re an adult, so there’s no need to fear. Unless, of course, you drink one too many, than that’s a whole new ball game.

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Now this is a person who wants to have fun. If you order a beerita, it’s likely you and your boss are buds in and out of the office. Have a good time, but just make sure you tread the safe waters of friendship to avoid problems in the workplace.

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Red, red wine

You like to keep it classy, even outside of your job. It’s likely you will show up to this happy-hour function in a pencil skirt and stilettos. If that’s your style, awesome, but co-workers may think you’re a bit too uptight to invite to the next happy hour.

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Long Island iced tea

You wish you were anywhere but at happy hour with your boss. Actually, you wish your boss wasn’t your boss. You would rather live your days in shorts and flip-flops while sipping cocktails by the beach. And while no one can blame you, keep yourself in the present to avoid burning bridges with the boss.

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Old fashioned

If you order an old fashioned at happy hour with your boss, you’re probably channeling the Mad Men character in you. A classic drink, you may look a bit drab at the party. Unless, of course, your boss was born in the same era as the beloved television series… and so were you.

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Bahama mama

Who invited the college intern to happy hour? If you’re going out for drinks with the boss, order anything but whatever sounds like you drank it in college or what you’d order while getting drunk on a cruise. Those are best for your weekends and when your co-workers are nowhere to be seen.

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Whatever is on tap

Your safest bet for happy hour with your boss is to order whatever is on tap. You may get a light buzz but nothing too crazy. You’ll also give off the appeal of being lighthearted and easygoing. Just keep the beer farts and burps for when you pop one open at home.

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