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6 Tiny things we want to see tiny hamsters eat

These cute hamsters and their personal chefs are taking the internet by storm — enjoying mini-sized burritos and even a mini pizza. And as adorable as these tiny meals are, here are a few that we’d love to see them gobble up next.

Hamster eating tomato

Photo credit: mu_mu_/iStock/360/Getty Images

In case you’ve somehow missed it, these hamster videos have taken the internet by storm. We’re not entirely sure as to why but have a feeling it has something to do with the following equations:

Tiny hamster + tiny burrito = adorable

Tiny hamster + tiny pizza = extra adorable

We’re no mathematicians, but it seems as though we might have uncovered a little trend: Tiny things eating tiny things are super adorable. So, what other tiny foods should these hamsters eat to keep their viral fame going? We recommend the following:

1. Tiny birthday cake

Why should a hamster share its cake? We’d love to see a baker create a mini-sized version and topped with a candle to blow out on the hamster’s next birthday.

2. Junior-sized cookies

Even a hamster needs a sweet treat every once in awhile. So instead of giving it a sugar rush with one giant cookie, give it one with a mini dozen.

3. Bite-sized chips

Apparently, even hamsters can’t stop once they pop open a can of Pringles. Plus, can you imagine how cute a mini can of Pringles would be?

4. Mini carrots

Carrots may be available in mini sizes, but even these aren’t tiny enough for the adorable hamster.

5. A mini chef’s salad

Hamsters love lettuce, so why not chop up its own mini serving of salad?

6. A tiny cup of joe

Cue the crazy hamster scene now. Want to see that hamster really run on its wheel? Create a mini coffee concoction sized just for it.

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