Friday’s Fashion Obsessions: Zooey Deschanel and Kiernan Shipka

Zooey Deschanel and Kiernan Shipka’s beautiful celebrity styles made us do a double take this week. We’re telling you why in this week’s installment of Friday’s Fashion Obsessions.

Zooey Deschanel

Looking pretty as usual, Zooey Deschanel hit the red carpet this week in a vibrant green cap sleeve dress. The best part about this look? It’s one we can all afford without splurging too much.

Zooey Deschanel

Whenever we’re in the mood for girly, vintage style, we abandon all sense of shame and start Google stalking Zooey’s recent red carpet appearances. The funny lady has such a unique, defined sense of style and knows just how to dress for her shape, after all. Here, Zooey paired a vintage-inspired, figure-flattering dress with polka dot tights, black peep toe pumps and tousled curls. We think she looks ladylike and classic, don’t you? The shape works so well for Zooey’s curves, that color really brings out her eyes, and even though the dress is vintage inspired, Zooey makes it look modern.

The final verdict? File this one under your dress wish list, ladies.

Shop the look: Stop Staring! Billion Dollar Baby Seafoam Dress (Zooey's exact look) (, $154)

Shop the look: Stop Staring! Billion Dollar Baby Seafoam Dress (Zooey’s exact look) (, $154)

Kiernan Shipka

It never fails — every time Kiernan Shipka steps out for a red carpet appearance, she kills it. The Mad Men star perfected the casual chic look this week in this long-sleeve shirt and shorts combo.

Kiernan Shipka

There are some style stars we just keep coming back to for more and Kiernan is one of them. The teen is style wise beyond her 14 years and she always looks polished, even when she’s wearing a simple ensemble such as this one. Her long-sleeve top is casual enough, but its striped pattern and cute collar add some pizzazz. Another place Kiernan wins style points? Her choice of bottoms. Unlike many of her peers, Kiernan opted for a respectable pair of shorts (not too long, not too hoochie). A pair of neutral strappy heels, a cute clutch and a flirty ponytail were all the fashionista needed to pull together the perfect laissez-faire look.

The final verdict? These days, a lot of offices have pretty relaxed dress codes, so if you’re in a creative field, you could even rock this look to work. Just make sure the hemline on your shorts isn’t too short.

Shop the look: Banana Republic Sateen Short in Black (, $50)

Shop the look: Banana Republic Sateen Short in Black (Banana Republic, $50)

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