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Could scrunchies be making a comeback?

OK ladies, let’s stop bagging on scrunchies — I mean, what did they ever do to you? They were there for you when you desperately wanted to look like Kelly Kapowski, saw you through many a gym class when you couldn’t sell your teacher on the whole cramps thing, not to mention they were like little pillows for your wrists. If anything, you should be relieved about their revival: Aren’t you just a little bored of your (yawn) black hair elastics?

Woman wearing scrunchie

Photo credit: Ron Levine/Photographer’s Choice RF/Getty Images

I’m not saying bust out the crushed velvet scrunchies from your youth (in fact, burn them). What I am saying is it’s time to add a little kitsch to your ‘do for spring. All the cool kids are doing it:

Cressida Bonas is a scrunchie-lover, and she bagged a prince. A prince.

Cressida Bonas wearing a scrunchie

Photo credit: Danny Martindale/WireImage/Getty Images

McKayla Maroney taught us that scrunchies go great with a silver medal.

Mc Kayla Maroney wearing a scrunchie

Photo credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Meanwhile, Demi Lovato rocked the hottest scrunchie top knot in the history of womankind.

Demi Lovato wearing a scrunchie

Photo credit: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage/Getty Images

And who can forget Selena Gomez’s ah-mazing braid scrunchie?

Selena Gomez wearing srunchie

Photo credit: HRC/

Hillary is the queen (or rather, future president) of the scrunchie fan club.

Hillary Clinton wearing scruncie

Photo credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There’s even a Scrunchies of Instagram profile. Need I say more?

Tips for scrunchie lovers

No matter where you fall on the spectrum — whether you love them, love to hate them or just can’t help yourself — embracing new trends (especially new-old ones) should never be taken lightly. If you dare join the scrunchie reunion tour, here’s what you need to know:

  • DO wear them to add retro cuteness to your messy weekend top knot.
  • DO wear them with laid-back, trendy outfits — the simpler, the better.
  • DO wear a quirky, patterned scrunchie to brighten up a muted outfit (and give that chunky necklace a night off).
  • DO wear while working out to channel your inner Jane Fonda (a la Catherine Zeta-Jones).
  • DON’T wear them to work unless your boss is cool like that (or never left the ’90s). You don’t want to be mistaken for Kimmy Gibbler.
  • DON’T wear them with an overly complicated outfit (if you look like Madonna circa-1980s, you’ve gone too far).
  • DON’T wear them with a slicked back ponytail or bun — you know, unless you want to look like Lilith from Cheers.

Who’s coming with me?

The style is retro, but the designs don’t have to be. Try these on for size:

Cotton Scrunchie in Poppy (American Apparel, $6)

Cotton Scrunchie in Poppy (American Apparel, $6)

Chou Chou Jumbled Logo Scrunchie (Marc by Marc Jacobs, $32)

Chou Chou Jumbled Logo Scrunchie (Marc by Marc Jacobs, $32)

Johnny Loves Rosie Polka Dot Hair Scrunchie (asos, $20)

Johnny Loves Rosie Polka Dot Hair Scrunchie (asos, $20)

Tie Dye Silk Scrunchie (Nasty Gal, $18)

Tie Dye Silk Scrunchie (Nasty Gal, $18)

Print Scrunchie (Topshop, $8)

Bandana Print Scrunchie (Topshop, $8)

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