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10 Potbelly pigs that think they’re dogs

We thought nothing on Earth was cuter than a deliciously fat potbellied pig, but then we saw a deliciously fat potbellied pig that thinks it’s a dog, and we had to reevaluate everything. Here are 10 potbellied pigs under the illusion they are puppies. Please, no one tell them the truth.

1. The pig that plays sports

“As a puppy, playing with toy footballs is my greatest pleasure. Now out of my way! I’m on to touchdown territory.”

2. The pig who just loves garbage

“What are you staring at? Dogs like to play in the trash. This is a fact.”

3. The pig who likes to go by “farm dog”

“I can outrun any other puppy in town, just you watch me.”

4. The pig who thinks he’s part of the pack

“I’m also the alpha dog, for that matter.”

5. The pig who loves the water

“Just some dogs playing in the water like crazy dogs do.”

6. The semi-pro Frisbee-player pig

“You’re telling me that canines have a monopoly on Frisbee fetching? Get out of here.”

7. The pig on a casual leash

“The leash is not necessarily my favorite way to go about town, but it just comes with the puppy territory, you know?”

8. The pig who follows all your regular dog commands

“If all it takes to get a treat is sitting when she says ‘sit,’ then count me in this dog game times a million.”

9. The pig who puts dogs to shame

“I see that dog, that equal of mine, also out on a walk. I will catch up to it. I will overtake it. I will show it which canine is boss.”

10. The pig who, for all intents and purposes, has become a canine

“Excuse me while I roll around and scratch my back on this dog bed of mine here and ignore your judgment.”

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