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6 Famous artists that paint flowers better than Georgia O’Keefe

Groundbreaking modernist painter Georgia O’Keefe profoundly impacted 20th century art with her innovative depictions of flowers, desert scenes and more. Though we love her botanical work, we also want unique floral art to hang on the wall. The following may not be as famous as O’Keefe’s, but the artists are well-known for beautifully translating flowers onto canvas.

1. Fluidity IV

Fluidity IV

Artist Shirley Novak combines her love of gardens and flowers with her passion for painting to create florals that look endearingly plucked from her garden or favorite meadows. Fluidity IV gives you a ground-level view of earth-toned flowers that look like they are gently blowing in the breeze. (, $24)

2. Bryony


If you’re looking for artwork that is both beautifully abstract and cheerfully botanical, consider Daniel Phill’s Bryony, which depicts his brilliantly colored floral abstractions up close. (, $50)

3. Blue Flower

Blue Flower

One of our favorite botanical picks, Michelle Abrams’ Blue Flower features a delicate yield of red-orange flowers that contrast against the blue-hued background. (, $45)

4. Absolute Beautiful I

Absolute Beautiful I

Our first choice for a floral focal point in a bedroom or living room, Jettie Rosenboom’s Absolute Beautiful I brings big, bold red poppies to life. (, $30)

5. Rosa Kosmeen

Rosa Kosmeen

The perfect picture to hang over a couch or bed, Heidi Reil’s Rosa Kosmeen features bright pink flowers that will bring cheer any room. (, $60)

6. Room for More II

Room for More II

Artist Natasha Barnes may be a Cordon Bleu chef and culinary expert, but she is also an acclaimed artist who mixes colors on canvas to create giant flowers that warm the soul. Room for More II is a masterpiece of broad brush strokes of plum colors. (, $70)

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