The secret to neon nail polish

We wear neon nail polish for an explosion of bright color. Here is the trick to getting the most out of it.

The trick to a really bright neon manicure is super simple: a white base coat. It’s an often overlooked step that really makes a difference in the wow factor you want. This is how neon polish looks on a plain nail:

The secret to neon nail polish

And this is how it looks over a white base coat:

The secret to neon nail polish

See the difference? Both are still very bright, but the white takes it up a notch. Still can’t see a difference? (It’s harder to tell in photos.) Check out these nails which use a white polka dot base over plain nails. The neon polish over the dots is visibly brighter.

The secret to neon nail polish

And that is the simple secret to neon nails.

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