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Graffiti art you could actually hang indoors

When you hear the word graffiti, images of unruly teens may come to mind, while art for your home may be the very last thing you’d associate with it. However, this colorful urban art form isn’t just a nuisance. In the right setting it can add a pop of color and whimsy to any room in your home.

Graffiti art you could actually hang indoors

1. Black and white

Black and white graffiti print

If you aren’t ready to commit to bold colors, a print like this one by Agnes Cecile is perfect. Many of Cecile’s pieces, like this one, emit strong emotions and tell a story of anguish or frustration. This portrait is messy yet powerful and would fit well in any space from an office to a master bedroom. (, $15-$275)

2. Street art

Graffiti photo by Bill Hatcher

While we often cringe when we see public places filled with graffiti, this photo by Bill Hatcher captures a different and interesting side of the urban art. Its vivid colors, patterns and various words tell a story of all the people who have climbed those stairs. It would fit in perfectly in a more modern-designed space or in a teen’s bedroom. (, $44-$285)

3. Six pack

Grafffiti print by Jodi Fuchs

We’re loving this print from Jodi Fuchs that is broken up into six squares. If abstract art and graffiti had a love child, this would be it. The colorful piece of art could be a focal point in your living room or the perfect piece of art to bring some color into a smaller space, like a hallway or bathroom. (, $254)

4. Girl power

Brett Weston graffiti portrait

You might not think of graffiti as a feminine art form, but this portrait by Brett Weston proves otherwise. It is sexy and empowering and combines depth, illusion and texture into one unique piece of art. Hang it in your bathroom, your bedroom or even your living room. It’s perfect for the edgy girl who isn’t interested in floral portraits or pastel colors. (, $22-$275)

5. Isn’t it ironic?

Anti-graffiti photographic print by Bill Hatcher

How about a little irony for your wall, or at least a little humor? This photographic print by Bill Hatcher is for the person who doesn’t take life (or their decor) too seriously. It’s another great piece for an urban or modern space. Consider it for a game room or an office. (, $44-$138)

6. Get inspired

print of graffiti art by Banksy

If only all graffiti could be this sweet, we might actually encourage it! This print of graffiti art by Banksy sends a positive message, and we could always use a reminder to be hopeful. Hang this sweet print in your child’s room or even your nursery. (, $15)

7. Wanderlust

Searan Kiledjian photo of Berlin wall graffiti

If you have a love of travel, this whimsical photo might be for you. If you’ve been to Berlin you may have spotted these three ladies adorning the Berlin Wall. Photographer Searan Kiledjian captured this shot so you don’t have to make it all the way to Berlin to get it yourself. We’d love to see it in a neutral and classic space so it really pops. (, $16-$34)

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