Life lessons we can learn from dogs

Our cuddle-seeking pups eagerly shower us with unconditional love and companionship, but our beloved pawed pals have so much more to offer. If we look deeply into their day, we pet parents can learn quite a few wag-worthy life lessons. Here are just a few things our dogs can teach us.

To listen with furry intent

Because dogs live for our attention, they can’t wait to stop and listen to those they love (of course, this doesn’t apply when our devoted pups spot a cat bolting across the yard). So, the next time our kids are in need of our attention, whether it be to read a book to us or tell us about their latest Lego adventure, we need to tune in and listen. Fido certainly would.

To exercise with pawed abandon

Like us pet parents, our dogs were made to be active. The difference is, dogs rarely turn down the opportunity to move. When we need some exercise encouragement, we can rely on our energetic canines to show us that there is no excuse for a sedentary life.

To relax at every belly-up moment

Our jam-packed schedules may keep us feeling accomplished, but the cost is too often our mental and physical health. Why is it that after a long day, our pawed pals are all too ready to hit the park running? Because they know the value of rest. We can be well-rested, too, if we pencil in a power nap or two every day.

To love with crazy wags and kisses

Though we can’t wag our tails or jump circles around our loved ones as expertly as our pups, we can certainly show enthusiastic, unbridled affection to our family and friends. Chances are, the result will be others opening up and displaying the same degree of affection toward us.

To share and show you care

The next time we have a little wiggle room on the couch or in the hammock, we should share proactively, and invite one of kids or our mate to come on up and cuddle.

To overcome without a growl or complaint

Life inevitably puts us through trials, which can quickly embitter our hearts. But one look at the resiliency of our pups, and we can learn that overcoming obstacles starts with hope and embracing help from others.

To be loyal to those you love and lick

One of the most-valued characteristics of canines is loyalty. Our beloved pups can teach us that we should never leave a loved one behind, and how to be supportive even in times when our loved ones are focused on things for which we have no interest.

To say good-bye with a courageous heart

Our dogs love with abandon when we are with them, and they will continue to love with abandon if we happen to leave them. Their courage to always love, regardless of circumstances, is a lesson for us to not just live every day as if it’s our last, but to also deeply love even when our hearts are grieving over a loss.

To heal by simply being there

Dogs never fret over what to say when they see us hurting. They have an uncanny sense that their presence and affection are all we need. We, too, can be of great comfort to our ailing family and friends by following our pets’ lead.

To be a wag-worthy hero

Hopefully, we will never have to drag one of our drowning friends out of the pool with our teeth, but we should always have the desire to come to his or her rescue.

To enjoy life with your ears and tongue flapping in the wind

Dogs have an innate ability to live in the moment and love it. So, whether we’re stuck in the daily commute, dealing with a hiccup in our current plans or feeling discouraged, all we really need to do is take a new perspective and thoroughly enjoy the blessings in the midst of our struggles.

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