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Forever 21 opens a new, even cheaper store

Life in the fast fashion lane is about to get… faster? The already notoriously cheap trend factory Forever 21 will a open new, get this, cheaper line of clothing that they’re calling F21 Red.

Photo credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Saturday, an 18,000-square-foot store will open in South Gate, California, boasting items like $2 tanks and $8 jeans.

You know what the color red usually signals? Pump the breaks.

I’m probably not alone in being guilty of shopping at Forever 21 here and there (I mean, sometimes you just can’t pass up a $9 clutch for that last-minute date), but can you possibly fathom garments that are cheaper than their current lineup?

And I of course don’t just mean the price. The craftsmanship (a generous word) of these pieces must be hitting an all-time low in order to pump out clothing that can sell at these prices. Not to mention the issues about who is making them and what they’re getting paid.

Granted, F21 Red is probably aimed at tweens with an allowance. They probably don’t really care whether or not a 30-year-old is interested in what they’re offering. To put it in terms that their target demo will never understand: Contempo Casuals is probably rolling in their grave right now.

Don’t get me wrong though. I may be almost a decade too old to shop at Forever 21, but I might have to put on a trench coat and sunglasses and pop into a F21 Red store near me to see what they’re up to. Hey, maybe I’ll snag an ill-fitting dress that will cost less than I’ll pay to park and might make it through one wash if I sell my soul or something.

Your move, Charlotte Russe.

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