Gender inequality is tied to women being too humble

Women are just as smart and powerful as men, and now it’s time to start acting like it. Learn why women deserve leadership roles, and what they can do to start asking for them.

Believe it or not, women seem to be the meeker sex, not the weaker sex. According to this video, women tend to rate themselves lower in leadership roles than men. Is it deserving? Definitely not.



Realize that you’re worth it

When rated by others, both men and women were rated pretty evenly; yet, for some reason, men seem to believe that they’re better when it comes down to rating themselves. As a whole, women are just as effective as their male counterparts; we’re just far too humble about it. Perhaps this can be chalked up to society putting males in leadership roles more often, or the man being head of the household in traditional homes of the past. However, it’s time for women to start realizing their awesome capabilities and overall value in and out of the workplace.

Now that you know that you’re worth it, it’s time to ask for that raise or promotion. If you’re not comfortable, follow the advice of women’s advocate Joanna Barsh, and start practicing on smaller things, in front of the mirror or in front of friends.

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