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How to make your summer plans actually happen

It’s easy to make big summer plans, but not so easy to actually bring those plans into fruition. Life gets in the way. Road trips take a back seat to T-ball games, and before you know it, summer is over and you have nothing to show for it.

Depressing, right? Not this summer, girlfriend. Go ahead and make those plans, because this summer, you’re going to make them happen.

Book it

Are you in need of a vacation this summer? Figure out the whens and wheres, and book it — immediately. Reserve your room, buy your plane tickets, get it all scheduled. Is a band you’ve been dying to see headed your way? Buy the tickets as soon as you can. Once you’ve shelled out the money, you’re less likely to ditch your plans.

Get time off

You won’t be able to keep those plans if you’re stuck in the office. The second you make your plans, put in for the time off from work. One Hudson Survey concluded that 56 percent of workers in the U.S. don’t use all of their allotted vacation days. Don’t let that be you — those days are precious, so use them to your advantage. Whether it’s one day away from your desk or 10, you’ll feel less like you’re leaving your coworkers in the lurch if you’ve given them plenty of notice.

Start saving

No matter how big or small your summer plans, you’re going to need to be able to fund them if you want to make them work. Start a special summer savings stash and squirrel away your extra cash all year long (or as soon as your plans are in the works). If you’ve got the funds to cover your adventure, you’re less likely to feel guilty about spending the dough.

Make a countdown

Sometimes, our summer plans are made so far in advance they never feel real. It’s easier to blow those plans off if they never seemed close enough to touch. Write it on your calendar (in big, red letters), or set up a countdown on your phone. Your excitement will build as the big event draws closer, and you won’t even consider giving it up.

Cover your bases

Are you going to need a sitter? Will you need to check your dogs into a kennel? Figure all that out and take care of it as far in advance as you can. This way, you won’t be left high and dry when your usual pick isn’t available last-minute.

Buy the outfit

Whether it’s a fabulous new pair of hiking boots or a gorgeous little black dress, every big event needs the right outfit to make it perfect. Pick out your outfit way ahead of time — no one wants to let that rocking outfit waste away in the closet.

Say no

Your big trip is right around the corner, and suddenly everyone needs you. A surprise meeting a work, a bake sale for the PTO, a family dinner that for some reason has to happen right now. All of those things have the potential to put the brakes on your plans — if you let them. Put yourself first. You need this, and you deserve it. Tell them “no.” They can wait, or they can find a way to accomplish it without your help.

Invite your crew

We’re guessing all those fabulous plans aren’t just for you and you alone. Clue in your would-be sidekicks early on. If the plans are good, they won’t let you fink out.

Set attainable goals

Maybe you never make your plans happen because you plan a little too… big. Scale it down to fit your time demands and your budget, and you’re a lot more likely to follow through. Maybe a trip to the Caribbeans isn’t in the cards for your summer. If that’s the case, don’t spend precious time fawning over something that will never be. Instead, focus on things you can make happen. County fairs and backyard gatherings make awesome memories too.

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