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Floor design options to add pattern to your space

Patterned floors are starting to trend in interior design. Melanie Stephens from Granada Tile is sharing the scoop on which floor designs you should be considering for your home. From graphic statements to colorful patterns, check out the stylish new tile products on the market.

Granada Tile, Cluny design

Photo credit: Granada Tile, Cluny design

SheKnows: From chevron to herringbone, graphic floor designs seem to be popping up everywhere these days. What are the most popular floor design requests you are seeing this year?

Melanie Stephens: Our Cluny tile in black and white has been flying off the shelves all year. We have also had major orders for Santander with a diagonal pattern and Badajoz with a large cross pattern, both also in black and white.

Granada Tile, Graphic patterns rendered in black and white

Photo credit: Granada Tile

SK: Fill in the blank: The biggest floor design trend for 2014 is ______________.

MS: Graphic patterns rendered in black and white.

SK: What is your personal favorite floor design look right now?

MS: I am very partial to the Cluny in black and white, especially in the home designed by Deirdre Doherty and featured in House Beautiful. It’s crisp, classic and anything but static.

Green tile with graphic patterns

Photo credit: Granada Tile

SK: What patterns would you suggest for homeowners who want to add some personality to their space, but still want it to have mass appeal for retail value?

MS: If they like the two-tone effect in black and white or silver and white, they really can’t go wrong for mass appeal. However, a great many homeowners and designers have integrated colorful patterns to tremendous effect.

Look through the installation photos to get a sense of what would go best in your home and what matches your taste. My philosophy is: If you love it, then the type of person who will likely buy your home will love it too.

Granada Tile, wall-to-wall tile

Photo credit: Granada Tile, wall-to-wall tile

SK: Which design layout would you suggest for a person who is just dipping their toe into playing with patterns?

MS: The most popular layouts are wall-to-wall with or without a perimeter border.

Granada tile/St. Tropez design

Photo credit: Granada Tile, St. Tropez design

SK: What are some tips for successfully incorporating color to a floor design without it looking too crazy?

MS: Use some of the same colors in the floor design as in the rest of the room. For example, if you really like the St. Tropez design in white, mustard, blue and gray, pick up one or two of those colors on the wall, curtains, fixtures, etc. Almost any color schedule can look right as long as it looks intentional.

SK: Are there particular rooms that work especially well for trying a fun floor pattern?

Some people start with the laundry room and then work their way to more public spaces.

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