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Soldiers reuniting with their dogs

Bring on the tissues. These emotional YouTube videos of reunions of U.S. soldiers with their dogs show the softer side of the men and women we owe so much to on Memorial Day and every day.

Soldier reuniting with dog

Photo credit: Ariel Skelley/Blend Images/Getty Images

A princess greeting

There’s something about this man in uniform getting — and loving — kisses from his tiny princess of a dog that pulled at our heartstrings. These two couldn’t get enough of each other, and we couldn’t get enough of them.

Stories to tell

This soldier was deployed to Iraq, and when he returned home, he reunited with his sweet dog, Little Anne. She not only ran out the door to greet him upon arrival, but she had a whole lot to tell him at the front door. This reunion is as touching as can be and really shows the bond we have with our pets.

Knocked out

This soldier was missed by not one but three dogs. When he got home, he was — literally — knocked down by their greeting, and we were knocked about by the love and sweetness in this homecoming. Truth be told, he seemed dizzied by it all. You’ll understand why.

Together again

This Iraq-war veteran adopted his former bomb-sniffing dog partner after she was retired. They worked together for five years, had been apart for two years and reunited joyfully in an instant. Their reunion is nothing short of heartwarming.

Tears of joy

This airport reunion melted us instantly. From the hugs to the cries — yes, cries — this soldier got the greeting she absolutely deserved.

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