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Everyday inspiration: Consume a story


When was the last time you got lost in a good book? Head to the library, the bookstore or even your couch and treat yourself to an uninterrupted reading session.

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Challenge: consume a story

Why? If reading means scanning your friends’ latest Facebook updates, it’s time to treat your brain to something better. Reading enriches your knowledge and vocabulary and can help improve your memory, writing, concentration and analytical thinking skills.

Raina: I haven’t read a book in its entirety in over seven years. I was not even sure I was going to for this challenge, but catching an unexpected cold and being stuck in bed for two days actually gave me the gift of time. I decided to reread one of my favorite books, and oh how I found myself lost in its pages. I was laughing and giddy and I took that feeling into my relationships that day. Something wonderful happened by reading a book. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the pastime.

Katie: Inspired by George Ella Lyon’s poem Where I’m From, I reflect on my roots and compile memories to share with my kids.

I am from wooden stick horses, from Tang orange drink and Captain Crunch.
I am from the screened porch house, floors tiled by dad’s hands, with a lake breeze.
I am from the formal living room used for holidays, lovers of New York and Vermont.
From a hypochondriac and self-made outdoorsman.
I’m from the Jersey Shore, bagels and Wawa.
From summers with Long Island grandparents, beading, and Häagen Dazs.
From dawn minivan trips to dog shows and Dalmatians.
I am from a country club pool, pines, and choppy Barnegat bay.
I am from adoption, divorce, and blended families.
I am from dreamers and I dream.

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