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5 Adorable animal photos that are cuter than Grumpy Cat

Cats and dogs think they have a lock on incredibly cute photos, but we have news for them: You have strong competition in the wild kingdom.

Adorable puppy |

Photo credit: Jessica Lynn Culver/Moment Open/Getty Images

The royal rabbit

Prince George is not the only adorable royal around. This bun is the king of cuteness.

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The smiling koala

This cuddly koala is adorable and he knows it.

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The grouchy baby jaguar

Looks like human kids aren’t the only ones who hate baths… Baby jaguar is not impressed.

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The snuggly sloths

Are you even ready for baby sloths snuggling? This is why Kristen Bell bursts into tears in their presence.

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The perfectly paired polar bears

Everyone needs a good cuddle now and then — even polar bears.

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