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J.Crew is preparing to launch a budget-friendly line


Calling all people who love J.Crew, but don’t always love its price tag. Our day has come.

Jenna Lyons, president and executive creative director of J.Crew

Photo credit: Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment

Do you love a racer floral tank but don’t want to dig into your vacation savings? Are you in the market for a neon-trim linen tunic but figure you should probably use the money on airfare to your friend’s wedding? Is it your time to embrace the leather shorts look but also time to pay your heating, gas and cell phone bills?

Well now you can (sorta) have it all, thanks to J.Crew’s glorious announcement of a lower-priced line that they’re calling J.Crew Mercantile. This is like when Gap gave birth to Old Navy but probably better and with less fleece.

J.Crew Mercantile

Photo credit: J.Crew

Details are still fuzzy, but rumor has it that the collection will be in the J.Crew factory outlet price range of mostly under $100. This means that the original J.Crew will probably continue to go more and more upscale, but that the rest of us can still access their fantastic designs and style. The great news is that you won’t have to slug yourself out to the outskirts of town to your nearest outlet mall to get in on the action. J.Crew Mercantile retail stores will be in regular ol’ malls close to city centers.

Thank you, Jenna Lyons. I will wear some coral lipstick and slick my hair into a sleek pony today in honor of this great news.

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