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10 Yellow flowers that are perfect for your garden

You can’t go wrong with these yellow flowers. They’re bound to add some sunshine to your garden.

Prairie sunflower
Also known by its formal name, Helianthus petoilaris, the prairie sunflower grows everywhere in the U.S. outside of the southernmost region. Easily grown, the plant sprouts similar to a weed in bushes or as individual, scattered specks of flowers. Blooming from June to September, the prairie sunflower enjoys sun, dry soil and prairies.


Coreopsis, also known as the tickseed, is another flower that is easy to care for. Growing well in various types of soil, this plant enjoys sun and space. Because it reaches up to four feet, you may need to add stakes in the ground and trim it down in the spring. If you’re living in a dry climate, water it in the summer if necessary.

Brittle bush

A shrub that also grows seeds in its middle, the Encelia farinosa is best planted during any season but the summer. It blooms in the winter, and the seeds are produced in the summer. With a high tolerance to drought, this is yet another plant that grows well throughout the U.S. Although the brittle bush does grow slowly, its lifespan is relatively short.

Fall mum

Like the sunflower, the fall mum (chrysanthemum) is a fall plant. However, if you want the mum to bloom to full potential, you will want to plant it in the summer. The versatile fall mum can be planted in a container or with your other plants. Requiring at least six hours of sun a day, the mum needs a lot of water and good soil for a nice and long-lasting growth. Available in rich colors including yellow, pink and orange, this is a great flower for any gardener.

Ice plant

There is no doubt that the ice plant is a cool plant. Growing well in dry climates, the ice plant not only blooms a beautiful yellow, purple, pink or orange flower, it is a beautiful succulent. Requiring only weekly watering in the summer, it does need warmth when planted and a sandy soil that drains well. Because it is so versatile, the ice plant can grow indoors or outdoors, as long as it receives a good amount of sunshine throughout the day.

Blanket flower

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A perennial with a long growth season, the blanket flower is yet another easy-to-maintain plant. Perfect for backyard gardens or containers, these flowers bloom in yellows, orange and red. A natural butterfly attraction, the blanket flower is best planted in the spring or fall. With a short lifespan, it requires loose soil and sun and is very drought resistant.

Gerbera daisy
The Gerbera daisy is the perfect flower for inside or out. If growing it yourself, it is best if the Gerbera is planted in a temperature that reaches a maximum of 75 degrees. It requires full or partial sunlight, rich soil and regular watering. It is best to remove dead daisies to allow for more growth.

Cone flower
Another easy-to-maintain plant, the cone flower is often seen in prairies and meadows. Blooming with a raised middle and known for its medicinal properties, the cone flower is loved by butterflies and humans alike. Thriving in drought, the flower doesn’t require much water and does well in loose soil and sunshine.

Jerusalem artichoke
Although a blooming flower, the Jerusalem artichoke is actually a vegetable. The plant prefers loose soil and a good amount of sunshine, and is an easy plant to maintain.

Gloriosa daisy
Like the other flowers listed, Gloriosa daisies are very tolerant and easy to maintain. Requiring easy-draining soil, sun and a lot of space, these daisies grow very easily. Once dead, the flower will regrow from its own seeds. Although it does need a good amount of watering, the Gloriosa daisy can withstand drought and other inclement weather conditions.

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