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8 Animals that are way too cool to walk anywhere they go

We all know that animals are intelligent, but clever? Watch these animals take fun into their own hands and ditch the walking for hopping, skipping, spinning and who knows what else.

1. That’s how he rolls

Sure, this raccoon could walk down the hallway, but it’s so much cooler to roll. And his human counterparts couldn’t agree more.

2. Going for a spin

Why walk around the feeder when you can spin round and round and round and round again?

3. Handstands all the way

Who needs four legs, anyway? This little goat has figured out a better way to get around town.

4. I ain’t got time for that

This pup could run through the field, but apparently hopping is much more suitable.

5. Wheels of all types

Norman gets it. Why mess around with walking when you can skateboard or ride a bike?

6. Goat turned cowboy

This goat isn’t too cool for walking, it’s too lazy. The perfect friend for the job, this horse becomes its preferred mode of transportation.

7. Sledding pup

Who says humans get all of the fun? This dog takes an adventurous snow day into its own hands.

8. The perfect team

This dog thinks he’s human, and this cat takes advantage of his talents. If she only knew he’d be expecting her to take him on a stroll next.

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