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5 Ways the color green can rescue your bedroom

We’re talking about going green in the bedroom — the color green, that is. It’s easy to change the look of a bedroom without changing the heavy hitters. Make a big impact on your bedroom look and style with our five small green changes.

Color me pretty

Color me pretty

Photo credit: Treeinggear

The designers at Treeinggear devote a section of their site to fantastic changes made with wall colors. In this example, a beautiful room in browns is instantly warmed and made zen with a green wall palate. This look would be equally stunning and appealing with a solid-colored wall, but the stripes give it a unique flair that we love.

All eyes on this

All eyes on this

Photo credit: Emily Henderson

When Emily Henderson decided to give her guest bedroom a makeover, she really wanted to go for a big change by pushing all color limits, including the underused bold green. We’re in love with these jewel-toned green chairs she added to her bedroom. They’re stunning statement pieces and bring a lovely, cozy meaning to the term “going green.”

Over, under

green pillows

Photo credit: Home by Heidi

When it comes to pillows, we live by “the more the merrier” mantra, but look at what a pop just a few pillows can create! We love the look of these beautiful patterned green pillows and absolutely adore the mismatch of the patterned rug that will go beneath the bed in this beautiful bedroom makeover by Home by Heidi. You can easily mix and match patterns and shades to create the green look you desire.

Painted furniture

Painted furniture before and after

Photo credit: Something Is Done

This dresser went from blah to bold with not much more than a coat of paint. Camilla of Something Is Done gave this furniture a glamorous makeover in the hopes of dressing up a plain corner of a room. What she ended up getting was a beautiful statement piece that’s as useful as it is gloriously green. Painted furniture can truly change the look of an entire room. Consider painting chairs, dressers, end tables or mirrors.

Small details

Small details before and after

Photo credit: House Beautiful

Look at what a difference paying attention to accessories makes. A thoughtfully placed lamp, vase, frame or artwork will add a sure-to-be-noticed green detail in your bedroom. We love the look of this dried bouquet in shades of green. It draws the eye and packs a powerful color punch to what could otherwise be a missed decorating gem.

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