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10 Funniest small animals on the internet

Need some comic relief? These funny small animals are here to help you out.

We all know you can spend hours watching funny dog and cat videos on the internet, but don’t count these smaller animals out. They may be little, but they’re good for big laughs.

1. Two hamsters, one wheel
These two little hamsters try hard to share one wheel, but it doesn’t work out so well for one of them.

2. Hungry hamster

Hamsters are known for hoarding food, but this little guy takes it to the extreme when he sees a big bowl of carrots appear in his cage.

3. Hamster eating a tiny burrito
If the hamster eating carrots didn’t do it for you, we dare you not to laugh as this hamster stuffs lots of tiny burritos into his cheeks. Who can resist a good burrito, right?

4. Lizard in a new Bugatti

This lizard knows how to rock. We would too, if we had a ride like that.

5. Scared rabbit
A rabbit and a balloon… you just know this isn’t going to end well. The fact that he just can’t get the traction he needs to flee the scene makes it even better.

6. Frog playing video games
This guy takes Frogger to a whole new level. We feel sorry for the guy holding the phone, though. No one should come between a frog and his flies.

7. Frog imitating a fire truck
Who says all frogs say “ribbit?” This amphibian does a pretty good imitation of our favorite rescue vehicle.

8. Dancing bird

This bird knows how to rock a beat. We wonder if he gets as excited when you turn on country music?

9. …And this dancing bird

You can’t deny that this bird has rhythm. Can you watch this video and not bob your head along with him?

10. The spider who can’t hide
We never thought we’d ever call a spider “adorable,” but that’s just what this little guy is while he’s hilariously working to bury himself in the sand. If I can’t see you, you can’t see me, right?

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