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Thigh gap to finger trap: We are measuring beauty all wrong

In the last 24 hours, Weibo — which is the Chinese version of Twitter — has been aflutter with a new way to find out how ugly you are.

Teen girl doing finger-trap test

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Well, thank goodness, because I’d almost come to terms with my lack of a four-inch thigh gap. This new method of self-loathing is called the finger-trap test, and it’s roughly translated “beauty and ugliness identification method.”

If that translation doesn’t stop you, go ahead: Simply hold up your index finger like you’re shushing someone, and place the tip of your finger against the tip of your nose and the base of your finger against your chin. Does your finger touch your lips? If it does, sorry — you’re horrifyingly unattractive.

Questionable origins of the finger-trap test

The good news, of course, is that the finger-trap test is founded on a whole lot of nothing. When the test first started trending on social media, users made the assumption that it was based on the facial proportions for determining ideal beauty. It’s not. Ideal beauty standards are typically measured when looking at the face head-on, and none measure the protrusion of the lips between the nose and chin.

As it turns out, the whole test actually began when a Chinese celebrity and her Weibo followers made a joke about a Japanese meme. But since social media has a way of propelling beauty trends before users stop to access their beautiful brains, the trend took off.

Take heart, all you finger-trap failures

In case the above history lesson didn’t trigger your critical-thinking skills, you know who passes the finger-trap test? People without teeth and the Duke Blue Devil.

On the other hand, classic beauties like Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie and Lupita Nyong’o are complete and total finger-trap failures.

Instead of relying on the finger-trap test, your best bet is to look in the mirror and love who you see in front of you. Or, you know, measure your worth by the size of your thigh gap.

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