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12 Small but revolutionary daily delights


These simple delights may not sound like a big deal, but for a woman in need of summer relaxation, they’re absolutely revolutionary.

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1. Removing chipped toenail polish

Pedicures are great, but chipped toenail polish is not. Maybe that’s why it feels so incredible to watch polish remover erase the remnants of a six-month-old pedicure, just in time for summer sandals.

2. Splashing water on hot skin

When your skin is cooking under the sun, it feels oh-so-good to wander to the poolside and splash water on your arms, legs and shoulders for a cool-down. Better yet, plunge in with total disregard for your blowout. That’s relief, ladies.

3. Placing a flower in your hair

Next time you’re on vacation or just wishing you were, simply pluck a vibrant flower and place it in your ponytail or behind your ear. Did someone say tropical goddess? You don’t even need styled hair to rock this look.

4. Drinking coffee on the patio

Summer has officially arrived when you can drink your morning cup of joe on the patio rather than huddled up inside. Go ahead — create a cafe con leche masterpiece and enjoy it on your porch with a warm breeze through your bedhead of hair.

5. Turning heads with children in tow

Caring for children has a way of making women feel decidedly un-sexy, whether it’s because there’s barf on clothing or baby food in hair. But you know what? Moms are hot. And we know that it feels pretty darn spectacular when you’re at the pool with your kids and people notice you’ve still got it.

6. Taking down a power bun

The power bun is the ultimate alpha woman hairstyle, but good gosh it can induce a headache. Take down your power bun at the end of the day, and feel the blood rush back to your brain and the smile rush back to your face.

7. Slipping into pajama shorts

Say goodbye to nasty winter sweatpants. Pajama shorts are the perfect mix of comfort and sex appeal, because they totally show skin, but with the benefit of an elastic waistband. Tell me that doesn’t feel ah-mazing after spending a day in a pencil skirt.

8. Making love on Sunday morning

Friday night sex is all too often rushed and exhausting after a long work week. Instead of going through your typical routine, stay in bed with your man for hours on Sunday morning, and relearn what it means to really make love without a care in the world.

9. Whipping off a strapless bra

The strapless bra is an annoying but necessary form of womanly torture. Either the bra slips and slides down your torso all day, or it embeds its underwire in your ribcage for permanent placement. For real, both options are terrible. Just take that bad boy off when you get home and let your ladies breathe.

10. Ordering ballpark junk food

It feels fantastic to spend an entire evening forgetting about calories and health food, especially when you’re in the company of friends and beautiful weather. Go ahead and order a hot dog, nachos and ice cream, all in one night at the ballpark. It’s gonna be OK. You might even enjoy yourself.

11. Rubbing lotion on a sunburn

When you slowly rub lotion onto a sunburn, it’s almost as though you can feel your skin drinking up the moisture. Sunburns may hurt like heck, but my gosh it feels good to cool and pamper ailing skin when it’s all said and done.

12. Sipping a margarita on the beach

A happy-hour margarita is fun, but nothing compares to sipping an adult beverage on the beach without a care in the world. Make it special by toasting your life, your love and your family for a daily delight that will translate into a treasured memory.

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