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9 Reasons why this cute Yorkie should have a fashion blog

Attention fashion bloggers everywhere: Kintai the Yorkie is here, and he can out-style all of you. No joke. Kintai, the Hong Kong-based Yorkshire Terrier, is quite possibly the most-chic creature on planet Earth, or so his 9,000 Instagram followers would say. His daily outfits are impeccable. His standoffish facial expressions are truly Kate Moss. Kintai was born to be a fashion blogger, and here are nine reasons why.

1. He’s got his camera ready to go

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Kintai's toy 

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All good fashion bloggers know you must have a chic camera with you at all times, so you can strike a pose against a textured wall or pretend you wear designer jewels to the grocery store. Kintai’s got the camera, and he’s ready.

2. He knows how to work a hat

The life of a fashion blogger is 95 percent purchasing and taking pictures in hats. Obviously Kintai excels at this.

3. He takes intense photos in front of unrealistic backgrounds

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Hello all ^_^ I know some of you are still concerned about Kintai's health. Let me first assure you guys that Kintai is good now (really!) before going into the story. In the past few weeks, Kintai had problems in one of his ears. Doctor said it was allergy caused by the dry weather. It was nose allergy but would affect the ears. Even we have been regularly cleaning his ears, the allergy still could not be avoided. It got hot and dry and then itchy. Then he scratched until it bled, leading to infections and more itchiness, more scratching and likely pain. He knew it hurt. So he didn't let others touch his ear, especially when he sensed that you were doing something to deal with the problem he was having. The treatment was some pills and drops to be used every day. Those few days I saw, handled, and got bitten by the ugliest and craziest version of Kintai. Patience, tenderness, persuasion, force, scolding were all used, to very little avail. I totally understand. He got very frightened. He was totally losing his mind. He warned us by signals of anger. When we insisted on using the drops, he felt so threatened that he would kill. he struggled vigorously and he bit even his owners, who he knew were the people who love him most in this world. That was the first time in years when I felt so helpless handling him. The infection in his ear was getting worse and we must use the drops to make him better. Every night it was fifteen minutes taming him, or when it was bot possible, fighting with him. Finally after a few days the condition got better. He no longer had the impulse of scratching. It got easier applying the drops. Poor Kintai has survived this.

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The life of a fashion blogger is 5 percent finding ridiculous backgrounds for maximum posing. Obviously Kintai excels at this times two.

4. He’s not afraid to push fashion boundaries

“Purple tie, don’t care.” -Kintai

5. He knows how to properly pull off sunglasses

It’s all in the accessories. We hope when Kintai starts blogging, he does at least one accessory post a week. We need to know his secrets.

6. He has fun with his looks

Kintai knows it’s just fashion. He knows there are more important things in life. That’s why he can play around with his style, let loose every once in a while and really show us the dog behind the impeccable clothing.

7. He’s got the forlorn-look thing down

If this shot isn’t fashion blogger 101, then we don’t know what is.

8. He theme dresses for holidays

Like the good fashionista that he is, Kintai dresses up for holidays and makes us all feel bad we don’t. Look at his Valentine’s Day outfit. Why didn’t we wear this Valentine’s Day outfit?

9. He smiles even when he doesn’t want to

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Kintai: "I am not a reindeer!!!!! "

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This picture screams “sponsored item I don’t really support but will for the cash.” Sheesh. He’s a natural. Get this dog a fashion blog already!

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