Dexter the Dachshund is so happy, it’s contagious

Dexter the Dachshund is just plain excited about life. He loves his toys. He loves his food. He really, really loves his owner. Yes, Dexter is the most-enthusiastic dog you will ever see. Over 95K people have already fallen in love with Dexter’s energy on Vine. Now it’s your turn.

1. Classic Dexter

This is Dexter at his finest. Please note his shaking hips, involuntary happy noises and general zest for life. That’s so Dexter.

2. Flower child Dexter

Dexter with a flower is just about the cutest thing we’ve seen all week. We’ve already added this video to our “when we’re feeling low” internet routine. We suggest you do the same.

3. For the love of a good hot dog Dexter

We get it, Dexter. We love hot dogs this much, too.

4. Dexter and bestie

We’re not going to lie, Dexter looks abnormally quick on his feet in this clip, and we’re thinking it’s because he’s with his bestie, a lamb we shall now call Dexter’s Bestie. Aren’t they adorable together?

5. Dexter and his “enemy”

Enemy may be a strong term here, but it’s clear Dexter is not into this toy, and it’s clear he gets a lot of pleasure from tearing it apart. Even Dexter’s destruction is passionate.

6. Sweater Dexter

Let’s focus on the five things we love about this video: 1) the sweater, 2) Dexter’s wagging tail, 3) the sweater, 4) the toy, 5) but mainly the sweater.

7. Extreme joy Dexter

Dexter is legitimately shaking with joy here. Dexter, what’s your secret to living life so happily? Are you willing to do a TED Talk on the subject?

8. Tennis Dexter

Dexter loves a good tennis ball. Well, loves, adores, shows more exuberance for a tennis ball than any dog ever has. You pick the description — they all apply.

9. Mealtime Dexter

The excitement with which Dexter handles his dish tells us Dexter is a bit of a foodie. Of course he is. He’s everything.

10. Shake it Dexter

Look at Dexter licking his lips, making noises and feeling fine. Say it with us everyone, “That’s so Dexter!”

Vidoes: Dexter the dachshund via Vine

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